McCalls M6931: Cheerful Little Lemon Pleated Skirt

McCall’s M6931: Easy, pleated skirt with pockets. Pockets!

I first saw this pattern on the Curvy Sewing Collective’s Tried and True Pattern Page. Jenny, from Cashmerette, has made several fabulous skirts in this pattern and they are envy-inducing! So envy-inducing that I had to try one myself. Plus, it has pockets! McCall’s bills this as an “easy” pattern and sets out 90 minutes to make. As a beginner I plead 90 minutes to lay out the pattern and cut it out. Right now I have to do this on the floor with 2 cats, so it really is a task! Did you know that cats love sewing pattern paper? Well, mine do.

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Sewing Goals 2016

My New Year’s resolution is to…never mind, it’s March. But 2016 is still the year of completing sewing projects! I took me 3 months to finish a”90-minute” easy McCalls M6931 pleated skirt with pockets last year. I will write a post after I press it and take decent pictures. In light of the lemony skirt project I have decided to complete at least 5 pieces this year.

1. A pair of pajama pants in fleece, with pockets: Ann fell in love with this fabric. She requests pockets and a drawstring plus the elastic waist band. This will be another Simplicity 1494.

*Side note: Why don’t women’s pajama pants come standard with pockets? We have both been buying men’s pajama pants for years because they have pockets. Women have stuff to put in pockets too! Monkeys

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Sewer vs. Sewist

When I was in middle school I asked my grandmother to teach me how to sew on a machine. We bought the cheapest brother we could find which means it did not come with the instruction book. I never got the hang of it, my grandmother thought I was hopeless, and the sewing machine is probably buried somewhere in my parents’ basement.

Last year I decided to give it another shot. I am 5′ 3″ and besides constantly hemming up pants by hand, I have so many clothes that “almost” fit that it seems crazy that I can’t just whip out my sewing machine and fix them! I went to a warehouse sale and bought a Husqvarna Viking E10 for 75 bucks. Then I took a 4 hour class and made these giant pajama pants from Simplicity 1494. ( I love the crazy fabric! I don’t care what anyone says!)

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