Sewing Goals 2016

My New Year’s resolution is to…never mind, it’s March. But 2016 is still the year of completing sewing projects! I took me 3 months to finish a”90-minute” easy McCalls M6931 pleated skirt with pockets last year. I will write a post after I press it and take decent pictures. In light of the lemony skirt project I have decided to complete at least 5 pieces this year.

1. A pair of pajama pants in fleece, with pockets: Ann fell in love with this fabric. She requests pockets and a drawstring plus the elastic waist band. This will be another Simplicity 1494.

*Side note: Why don’t women’s pajama pants come standard with pockets? We have both been buying men’s pajama pants for years because they have pockets. Women have stuff to put in pockets too! Monkeys

2. Black “Groom’s Maid” Dress: First knit project! I am a “groom’s maid” in a friends wedding in May and the uniform is black. (In case it does not come out well I have my eye on a dress from Kiyonna. Fingers crossed.) I have yet to decide between McCall’s M7313 or M6754 for a basic black dress with a black lace overlay.

3. Rainbow Hare – Vintage Camper Sewing Machine Cover: I cover my machine religiously. I’m never certain if I am coming back to my sewing when I remember to take my laundry out of the dryer or run an errand. I have the ugly, plastic, dust cover that the machine came with. While I am thankful for it I found this sweet little camper sewing cover that is going to make use of some remnants and has the added bonus of using interfacing for the first time. Pattern can be found here.

4. Made with Moxie – Prefontaine Shorts: These look amazing!!! I cannot wait to make! I have 3 pairs of shorts left that fit really well and I can almost see through the fabric. Added bonus: learning to line edges with bias tape. Pattern can be found here.

5. Surprise: I have more fabric than my boyfriend knows about and several $1 patterns that I acquired from Joann’s Fabrics black Friday week! Anything is possible. I may even revisit some of these. That counts!


6 thoughts on “Sewing Goals 2016

  1. Janine @ Rainbow Hare says:

    I love your pjs (last post) this fabric will make a great pair. I like the dress pattern too. For the sewing machine cover I’d recommend soft and stable, rather than the three layers of wadding as it is much easier to sew up and gives a good sturdy effect, especially if you don’t have a walking foot. Good luck with all your makes :)

  2. Andie W. says:

    Why don’t pj pants include pockets for women?! It’s nuts. I’ve made the M6754 before. My advice is to size down. It doesn’t have negative ease even though it is for knits. Weird. I made the XL for reference.

    Love the prefontaine shorts! I might have to get this for summer lounging. Bonus: pockets! :D

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