McCalls M6931: Cheerful Little Lemon Pleated Skirt

McCall’s M6931: Easy, pleated skirt with pockets. Pockets!

I first saw this pattern on the Curvy Sewing Collective’s Tried and True Pattern Page. Jenny, from Cashmerette, has made several fabulous skirts in this pattern and they are envy-inducing! So envy-inducing that I had to try one myself. Plus, it has pockets! McCall’s bills this as an “easy” pattern and sets out 90 minutes to make. As a beginner I plead 90 minutes to lay out the pattern and cut it out. Right now I have to do this on the floor with 2 cats, so it really is a task! Did you know that cats love sewing pattern paper? Well, mine do.

I’ll be honest with you, this is not included in my 5 item 2016 Sewing Goal because I completed everything but the invisible hem in 2015. Then the holiday juggernaut of “Thanksmas” came along and wiped out all of my sewing time for the rest of the year. I finally finished it up about a month ago. I will definitely be making more!6931This first skirt is made of 100% cotton print since that is what I am familiar with sewing right now. Don’t adjust your screen! It really is a bright blue gingham background and cheerful little lemons all over! (I think I am also still in the new sewer phase of buying busy, “twee” patterned fabrics.) The clearance fabric section of my local sewing store is especially tempting.  A concerted effort is being made to purchase more realistic, adult fabrics.  *Update: I just bought Disney’s The Jungle Book patterned cotton fabric for summer shorts. So…we’ll just say I am still working on that concerted effort.



Pleats combine with an elastic waist is kind of a mind-bender for a beginner but once I figured out how they work together, it is ingenious and very forgiving! I pinned the pleats in place and then tried it on and it was a little too snug when I sat down so I re-pinned each pleat until they were slightly smaller than the pattern recommended. When I tried it on again it was a little large, but I figured the elastic would take care of that and it did. Speaking of elastic, the pattern calls for 1″ knit elastic, I only had 3/4″ on hand so I used that. Next time I will try the 1″ elastic. I think it would make the waist look a little more elegant.


I made no effort whatsoever to match the fabric on any of the 5 panels. Maybe someday I will give that a shot, but this fabric has so much going on that the mismatched seams do not bother me at all. I did teach myself how to sew an invisible hem, albeit not a terribly consistent invisible hem. I used a matching blue thread to sew the entire thing together, but when it came the the hem the little blue dots in the lemons really stood out to me. I tried white thread and that seemed like the way to go. I finally put an outfit together so I could take some pictures!


Lemons 1

14 thoughts on “McCalls M6931: Cheerful Little Lemon Pleated Skirt

  1. Erin Blanton says:

    I am thinking about making this pattern but I’ve never done any garment sewing before! What do you think?? OK for a beginner? I am reasonably OK at sewing pillows and simple purses and stuff.

    • SomedaySewing says:

      For me, this was probably a little above my skill level when I started it, but having made pajama pants with an elastic waistband first is what saved me. Sewing the pockets and 5 panels together was simple. Learning to make pleats was simple. It was combining the pleats with the elastic waistband that was tricky for me. (And that could totally just be me!) There are not really clear instructions with the pattern after you fold and pin the pleats. You have fold the pleats all the way to the top of the waist, sew them down and then fold it over to create the waistband. Then you insert the elastic. I would say give it a shot and let me know if you have trouble! Good Luck!

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