Crafting Confession

IMG_20160315_163737I have a confession to make. I am terrible at cutting with scissors. My degree in fine arts, but my scissor game is bad. When I use scissors the straight lines become jagged and curves swerve out of control. The rotary cutter is a no-brainer for quilters as rotary cutters were designed for cutting quilting squares. But what about apparel sewists? What about weekend apparel sewists?? (Points at self.) Continue reading


The one hour top: Remnants to the rescue!

While I was looking for the least-intimidating, first time knit project to start I stumbled across Fancy Tiger Craft’s One Hour Top. It’s a free, two-piece pattern so I thought it would be worth a shot. It was! I can see how this pattern will be super handy in the future! It has larger, dolman-style sleeves and simple twin needle finishes on the neck and sleeves.

I did do some rogue pattern altering because my hips were outside of the XL/XXL finished size of 47 inches. I just cut down the middle line on the pattern and worked it until there were 14 inches across at the bottom of both the front and the back pieces. That way the hips would end up at about 55 inches after sewing. I had already purchased some black ITY knit with a 40% stretch in one direction and 20% stretch in the other. I made sure to set my pattern pieces where the 40% stretch went across the hips. In hindsight I could have made the sleeves a little larger for the dolman look.

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Simplicity 1494: Pajama Pants Round 2

As soon as I sent Ann a picture of my Simplicity 1494 MC Hammer pajama pants she asked if I could make her a pair.  I enthusiastically replied, “Sure, no problem!” She found a fabric that spoke to her, fleece with pillow-fighting monkeys, and asked if I could sew fleece. “Uh, yeah. I don’t see why not.”  Then she asked if I could add pockets and a drawstring in the elastic waistband. “Definitely” (Inner monologue: I do not know what I am doing!)

They did come together but there were some learning moments. I finally attached the pockets correctly on the third try. Learning! I learned that sewing with fleece is magical! You don’t have to finish the edges and there is a fleecy, fairy dust that needs to be cleaned off of everything when you are through. But those soft, fleecy pockets are going to be amazing come winter time! Another lesson learned the hard way; iron fleece on medium heat! There was a tiny bit of melted goo to wipe off my iron after I forgot about medium heat and just cranked it to 11. Learning!


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