Simplicity 1494: Pajama Pants Round 2

As soon as I sent Ann a picture of my Simplicity 1494 MC Hammer pajama pants she asked if I could make her a pair.  I enthusiastically replied, “Sure, no problem!” She found a fabric that spoke to her, fleece with pillow-fighting monkeys, and asked if I could sew fleece. “Uh, yeah. I don’t see why not.”  Then she asked if I could add pockets and a drawstring in the elastic waistband. “Definitely” (Inner monologue: I do not know what I am doing!)

They did come together but there were some learning moments. I finally attached the pockets correctly on the third try. Learning! I learned that sewing with fleece is magical! You don’t have to finish the edges and there is a fleecy, fairy dust that needs to be cleaned off of everything when you are through. But those soft, fleecy pockets are going to be amazing come winter time! Another lesson learned the hard way; iron fleece on medium heat! There was a tiny bit of melted goo to wipe off my iron after I forgot about medium heat and just cranked it to 11. Learning!


For me, pants without pockets are like Oreos without milk. They are OK, I’ve done it, but they are really better with pockets…er, milk! You know what I mean. So I made a manila envelope pattern piece from my McCall’s M6931 skirt with a pocket and added them to the outside of the legs. I used a pair of my pajama pants with pockets for reference on where to place the pockets on the side seams.



I also sized down because I know from experience that Simplicity 1494 are enormous when finished! When I was cutting out the pattern I took 1 inches off the outside seam of each leg so the entire leg tube would be 2 inches smaller.  It just wasn’t enough. The legs are still so big! Ann just finished a bike ride so she was still wearing her biking jersey when she sent me this picture.

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