Crafting Confession

IMG_20160315_163737I have a confession to make. I am terrible at cutting with scissors. My degree in fine arts, but my scissor game is bad. When I use scissors the straight lines become jagged and curves swerve out of control. The rotary cutter is a no-brainer for quilters as rotary cutters were designed for cutting quilting squares. But what about apparel sewists? What about weekend apparel sewists?? (Points at self.)

My recommendation: GO OUT AND GET ONE!

I waited for a good sale and bought an OLFA Splash 45 mm and a huge 3″ x 5″ self-healing cutting mat. I don’t know about you, but I love a sale! This little fabric “pizza cutter” is my new favorite thing! It slices through multiple layers of fabric like butter. Unfortunately, I realized after I bought it that this model will not be able to accommodate a pinking wheel. The deluxe OLFA has an extra washer to provide enough space to put on the decorative wheels. (I think I need one!)


Smooth cutting through a double layer of ITY knit.


  • No more jagged scissor cuts!
  • SO FAST! If you are cutting fabric on the floor, like I am, faster is easier on your back.
  • Less pinning! I haven’t pinned any pattern pieces to fabric since I got this.
  • If you have arthritis in your hands this would be much easier to work than scissors.
  • Cuts through multiple layers and sewn seams easily and cleanly.
  • It’s fun! (That is a legitimate pro for me.)


  • Extra costs.
    • Eventually I will have to purchase a blade sharpener and/or new blades.
    • Cutting mats are required because that blade will destroy any working surface.
  • Possibility of injury. That blade is sharp! Knock on wood that I haven’t cut myself, but I am the number one user of bandages and Neosporin in our home so it may only be a matter of time.

Cutting some length off of fleece pajama pants legs in no time!

P.S. Art Skool Tip: Cutting mats will become brittle over time. If you wipe it down with a damp rag then let it air dry every few months it will last a lot longer! You can also soak your cutting mats, but I don’t want to drag my 5 foot cutting mat to the neighborhood swimming pool.


2 thoughts on “Crafting Confession

  1. artfulblasphemer says:

    I too, cannot live without a rotary cutter. My sewing career would be over if I had to use scissors to cut garments out. Here’s a hint: look up J HIttles Sewing. When you get there, tell them you are a professional in the sewing field. Then you will have access to their deals–one of which is 45 mm rotary blades for as low as $1.69 a blade. I buy them for the Costume Shop 100 at a time, and buy at least 10 at a time for my home studio. It’s a screaming deal and makes using a great tool far more affordable.

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