Book Review: May Martin’s Sewing Bible


While most of my novels have been converted to e-book in an effort to minimize “stuff”, I still have several shelves full of art and reference books that are no good to me in e-book form. I feel the same way about sewing reference books. Sewing is a tangible art and I need the diagrams and photos to be tangible too! The tagline for this book is, “40 years of tips and tricks.” As I have almost exactly 1 year of sewing experience, this tagline really appealed to me. I’ll also admit I am a sucker for books that have beautiful photo layouts like and ribbon book-marks like this.

The first half of May Martin’s Sewing Bible has some excellent beginner tips. I would never think to keep a chopstick on hand for turning out tiny corners. While you can find a lot of this information on the internet for free I like having my own hard copy chart of “finishing seam” types.


I do not think I will be utilizing the 2nd half of the book. It walks you through a few patterns that have to be purchased separately, but you never know! I didn’t know I would ever be reading a sewing bible either!



Out of 5 stars I give it a solid 3.5 for sewists that are just starting out. The information may be remedial for a more advanced sewist. A great deal of the information here is available with a quick internet search. Sometimes I just like having books on hand that I can refer to without opening my laptop. Plus, this is just a good looking book that looks great in my studio. Are there other sewing books that anyone recommends?



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