McCall’s M7313: Groom’s Maid Dress in Action

So I finally finished McCall’s 7313 the weekend before the wedding and I love it so much! It fits almost exactly like the empire waist dresses I love from Torrid. I have a feeling you will be seeing this pattern again and again.

As far as instructions go this is like all the big four instructions. They are really basic and don’t have all the lovely tips and tricks I have come to enjoy from some of the indie pattern makers. This dress is assembled in halves. I put together the top first and that process is detailed here. This post is just a quick overview of the skirt(s) and finally the pretty, pretty finished dress! Continue reading


I do…want to make my own wedding dress!

My partner and I are engaged! We were not in any hurry to marry, but now that we are engaged we have rushed headlong into wedding planning. After a week we had a tentative guest list, date, and budget.  (Can we just elope already? the wedding industry machine behaves sort of like a strong-arm robber! “But your guests HAVE to have a wine pour at dinner and monogrammed favors and alcohol that has been blessed by a celebrity priest!”)

One of the things in the very back of my mind when I took a sewing class last year was, “maybe someday I will be able to make my own wedding dress.” Let’s be honest, just because I was not thinking about getting engaged anytime soon does not mean I didn’t have a secret Pinterest wedding board going. As an artist, handmade objects are very important to me. Generally speaking, when you buy handmade you are supporting an artist and their talents, you are getting a quality item and it speaks to your unique personality. That said, I am not looking down on my IKEA furniture because sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to store your shoes.


It’s great if you love this look! It’s just not for me. :)

Plus size wedding dress clothing options can be limited. That’s just a fact, and it seems to me that my plus size wedding dress options are strapless white dresses or strapless white dresses with lacy boleros. As a fat woman, I am getting mighty sick of boleros. I get it and I own my fair share of the things. The reason I own them is because it is damn hard to find dresses with sleeves! If you like sleeveless, more power to you, but I like sleeves. Nothing against my wiggly upper arms, but I just prefer to wear sleeves. For wedding dresses it seems like the bolero is almost always an after-thought and they rarely match the dress itself.

But I digress… Continue reading

If you like sparkles, sequins or Dolly Parton, this post is for you.

We went to Nashville in early May for a fabulous little mini-vacation. There is a lot to do so I know we missed some things. Craft South had to be cut from our list for time. Next time! We did get to Textile Fabric Store, Tennessee’s largest fabric store. I did not take any pictures because I was a little overwhelmed. There was so much to see and touch that I couldn’t decide on anything to take home! There was a very nice hot pink silk decorated with black cats that I hemmed and hawed over for a bit, and then decided that I don’t really care for hot pink all that much. Oh well!


Dolly in a Nudie suit! (Baby angels sing.)

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