McCall’s M7313: Groom’s Maid Dress in Action

So I finally finished McCall’s 7313 the weekend before the wedding and I love it so much! It fits almost exactly like the empire waist dresses I love from Torrid. I have a feeling you will be seeing this pattern again and again.

As far as instructions go this is like all the big four instructions. They are really basic and don’t have all the lovely tips and tricks I have come to enjoy from some of the indie pattern makers. This dress is assembled in halves. I put together the top first and that process is detailed here. This post is just a quick overview of the skirt(s) and finally the pretty, pretty finished dress!So there are two skirts, really. As usual I did not explicitly follow the instructions. I made a shorter skirt out of the neoprene/scuba fabric. Then I made a longer skirt overlay out of the stretch lace. I hangs about 3.5″ below the neoprene skirt and it is only attached at the waist so it will swing free of the shorter skirt. if I had just used a lace over lay that was attached on the side seams as well, I would have added pockets. You know I love pockets!


I had multiple measuring sessions to see how much longer I wanted the lace skirt to be. I sewed the side seams on both skirts with a twin needle and then to finish the bottom I used 1/4″ Wonder Tape and a straight stitch all the way around.



And here it is in all it’s gothy, princess glory! It twirls so well!



And here is this little gem from the reception. I’m considering a career in professional modeling, obviously.




11 thoughts on “McCall’s M7313: Groom’s Maid Dress in Action

    • SomedaySewing says:

      Thank you so much! My lace didn’t have an edge or a pattern that was made to have a edge cute from the pattern. For the sleeves and bottom off the lace skirt I folded the lace under 2 times with 1/4″ wonder tape and then straight stitched all the way around. The sleeves and lace skirt fit me perfectly so the hems don’t need to stretch at all. Around the beck and up the side seams I used a twin needle for strength and a little stretch. If I had needed the sleeves to stretch I would have finished them with a zig zag stitch. Sorry for the over long answer!

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