Choices, Choices, Choices for another Bridesmaid Dress

When I turned 20 my cousin told me EVERYONE I knew would be getting married. It really seemed that way for the next few years. In one year I attended 6 weddings, 2 of which were on the same day! In my later 20’s things slowed down again and my friends were split right down the middle into “married couples” and “single-ish” people. This year I turned 30 and I have 3 weddings, plus my own, to attend in the next year!

I have to say weddings in your 30’s are infinitely more fun than weddings in your 20’s. The brides and grooms have had a few years settle into who they really are and have now been to enough weddings to really decide what is important to them. (Skip the unity candle.) Honestly, 10 years ago I don’t think I would have known myself well enough to say, “No, we don’t want to toss the bouquet or the garter.” No one wants to be singled out for being single and then have the entire room shouting that they are not complete unless they are married soon. Blech!

One of my best friends and old roommates is getting married and I am honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year! Erin has definitive tastes and her wedding is definitley going to reflect that! It will be in a concert venue with 3 bands and a retro rockabilly theme. I’m bringing earplugs!

Erin 2

On to the dress!

It must be emerald green, knee-length with a swing-style skirt and will need to accomodate a leopard print belt around the waist. Everything else is up to us which is great, because I am not wearing a strapless dress if I can help it! I have narrowed it down to 4 patterns.

  1. The front runner so far is Vogue V8615 Very Easy Fit and Flare Dress. I like very easy and I love that it has POCKETS! I know I can add pockets to almost anything but it is nice when they are included. I also like the higher neckline.


2. I have also been very curious about Butterick B5930 Women’s Petite Shawl Collar Dress. It has a very retro vibe but I am uncertain about the size of the collar with my broad shoulders. I wish there were a few more pattern reviews by plus size folks on this.


3. Right behind that is Butterick B5984 Dress with Bodice Details. I love the look of this dress but I can’t decide that my bra straps would remain hidden. I guess I could add in those little snaps that hold onto your bra straps, right? Also, Attack of the Seam Ripper made a gorgeous star-covered version of this dress that makes me want one of my own.B5984_a4. I’m not really sure this is a contender but I thought I would toss it out there. McCall’s M6503 A-Line Dress with Variations. The blue dress with the buttons seems like it might make a nice retro dress. It may not have enough skirt to qualify it as a “swing dress.”


Does anyone have a preference? I’m open to suggestions!


9 thoughts on “Choices, Choices, Choices for another Bridesmaid Dress

  1. Sara-Lu says:

    For the retro rockabilly theme I do love the Butterick with the wide collar- it also looks gorgeous belted according the art on the envelope. Perhaps making a toile would help you determine whether it will be flattering?

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