So I bought a wedding dress…

I know, I know, I was going to make my own dress. So here’s what happened…

My grandmother was in town recently and I decided to take her wedding dress shopping. Her only other granddaughter, my cousin, was married in a beautiful, quiet, minimalist, at-home wedding in a white sweater and plaid wool skirt. It completely reflects her and her husband’s way of life and I think that is beautiful and so perfect for them! But, I know my grandmother would have liked to have gone through the rigmarole of wedding dress shopping. So I made an appointment at David’s Bridal with expectations that we would just have a fun day of shopping and laughing. And we did! My ulterior motive was to try on a dress that was similar to a pattern (M7320) that I had my heart set on.

While we were wandering through the dresses I happened over to clearance and found a dress in my size with lace sleeves. SCORE! As you may know, I sorely wanted a dress with sleeves. I figured I would try it on and see if it looked like THE pattern. It did! I actually preferred the neckline and decided I would alter the neckline on the pattern to reflect this dress. The longer I was in this dress, the more I loved it.

I can’t show you a picture, since I don’t want my fiance to see it, but I can tell you I look like a bridal Morticia Addams; sexy and curvy, but in white! Morticia Addams NEVER wore a strapless dress!


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Galleria Culottes: A Glorious Skirt Alternative

Hey! Another pair of black pants! I bet you are excited! No? Well, they aren’t really black pants. These are the glorious Galleria Culottes by Secondo Piano. If you have never been to her site go to it and click through everything because it is eye candy. No, really, go ahead. I’ll wait.

All done? Welcome back! The pattern is free, as it is in beta testing. The directions are definitely for advanced sewers, but that hasn’t stopped me yet! This pattern is really made for a structural fabric to create the fullest effect. I have been wanting a pair of swishy, flowy culottes so I just used the leftover fabric I had in my stash from my One Hour Top.


I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to put these together. I put the pants together in one day. Then I decided the fabric was a little too thin for my comfort so I bought some lining and put them together again in another day. Then came time to attach the waist band. It took me about 3 weeks.

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Little Black Dress: From Mourning to Night

I have not done a lot of sewing. I take that back, I have not finished a lot of sewing lately. I have several things in process. I have been working on a pair of culottes for a month. I finished everything but the waistband in a week! The waistband has been re-attached 3 times! Hopefully there will be at least 2 or 3 things finished this month!

8 - Coco Chanel

The Missouri History Museum in St. Louis is fabulous and it is terrible that I have never frequented it as I should. I am not a big history buff, but they did just finish up an exhibit that really called to me; “The Little Black Dress: From Mourning to Night.” An entire exhibition made with materials in only one color has the potential to be visually boring, but they really made good use of color throughout the exhibition to really make the dresses stand out. 1 2

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