A lot can happen in a year!

I know this is a weird time for a “year-in-review”, but it was 1 year ago that I took the plunge and bought a used sewing machine, signed up for a sewing class, and started my sewing journey! I can’t tell you how much my life has changed since my Husqvarna Viking E10 has come into my life. (I still plan on making that nice camper cover by Rainbow Hare for it, but life got in the way!)


It took me about 4 frustrating months to sew up the little lemon skirt, my first project outside of class. That could have been the end of things. What I didn’t realize at the time was that the class I took taught me how to use a sewing machine (YAY), but not how to read a pattern or pattern instructions (BOO). So I started reading everything I could about sewing. I checked in on some of my favorite blogs everyday, and it seemed like these people could whip up all sorts of fancy clothes in no time! What kind of sorcery were these people doing?

In March of this year I decided I would start my own little blog. That way I could comment and ask for advice from the online sewers I followed. My blog was just going to be a place for me to improve my writing, as I do a lot of writing at work, and keep myself on track for my sewing goals for the year. (By the way, my goal of 5 finished items seemed barely doable after my tussle with the 4-month skirt.)



First of all, people started to follow my blog. I don’t have any friends or family that blog, so all of these folks were strangers. I was sort of shocked that anyone would take an interest. Everyone has been so wonderful and inspiring! It’s like our own little place where we can nerd-out together! Thank you to everyone that waded in and has given me encouragement and advice! 

Secondly, my writing at work comes to me much more easily. I work in non-profit so I am constantly writing thank you notes, asks for money and updating texts for marketing. Blog writing is definitely different than work writing, but it has really opened the flood gates for writing more warmly and quickly!

Thirdly, because I wanted to consistently post on my blog, I had to make new things consistently. Each pattern taught me new skills and I continued to sew faster and more complicated things! (Granted, I have only been sewing for a year so complicated is relative!)

And finally, learning to sew has help me realize several dreams in a short amount of time. Learning to sew fulfilled a dream of mine and has emboldened me not to wait to do the things that I really want to do! The mix of social anxiety and introversion means that I really shy away from anything too socially uncomfortable. I have been asked to teach a class in beginning sewing! I never dreamed I could teach anything. I have those familiar panicky feelings that constrict in my chest and say,”Oh, I don’t think I can do this! I don’t have enough experience. No one will like it” But, I am going to take the plunge and try it! Nothing too complicated, just how to use a sewing machine and make some cozy pajama pants or a knit top. Wish me luck!

I don’t know what it is about making something with your own hands that spills over into the rest of your life, but it does. There’s something about manifesting your own destiny in sewing. In May, I asked my best friend to marry me, he said yes, and I honestly don’t think I would have had the guts to do it if I had not taken the plunge and learned to sew! Perhaps that seems like an extreme example, but nonetheless, there it is!



Photo credit: Jaimie Nicole Krause Photography – http://www.modernstlphoto.com


Would love to know if anyone else has had wonderful things happen on their sewing journey!


13 thoughts on “A lot can happen in a year!

  1. Malicia says:

    Ah ah I loved your story ! And it is true, there is something magical about working with your hands that gives you confidence !

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