The Aftermath

I’m sorry if you are tired of reading about the US election. Believe me, we are all so weary of it, but I have to write some things. Ignore me if you need to and I will be back to sewing after this.

Yesterday I went into work after a sleepless night. That’s what survivors do. They put their heads down and do what they have to to survive. American presidential elections have become 2 year long nightmares for most of us. The rhetoric gets more hateful and the dividing lines get deeper in a country where racism, sexism and xenophobia have deep historical roots.

I don’t care who you supported, if you are conservative or liberal or independent. I know a few conservatives who voted for Trump because they couldn’t come to terms with Hillary. That is their right. I have to believe that they do not agree with everything he has said and done because they are not terrible people.

But the fact remains that Trump  courted the white supremacist vote in America. I doubt he did it on purpose, as he doesn’t appear to do anything on purpose, but he has mainstreamed white supremacy by re-publishing their images and words and openly maligning otherness. In a country where the KKK still lurks and white militia groups have tripled in the last 10 years this is dangerous, dumb, and despicable. Trump has validated them and made it OK to be openly marginalize, threaten, and alienate non-white, non-christian people instead of whispering it in secret. The Jim Crow era that we read about in history books is back, and actually, it never left. It has been spreading like a cancer right under our noses and we buried our heads in Netflix, Twitter, and iPhones and let it grow.

A co-worker came in and joked about Canada’s immigration website crashing last night because so many people were wanting to leave the country. The “moving to Canada” joke has become the standard response to election losses and I am tired of it. No! I’m not willing to give up my home and leave it to the racists and xenophobes! I will not leave women unprotected to be punished for seeking reproductive services! I will not leave religious buildings to be burned! Physically leaving this country and it’s problems behind will not fix them. Instead you will be leaving others behind to suffer in the aftermath. I will not cower and flee to leave this country unprotected. And by protection I do not mean taking up arms. My protection will come from voting, protesting,  voicing dissent, talking to people, and to disrupt any kind of verbal attacks when I encounter them. The Racial Justice Network has a video on how to be an ally.

There are 2 years until the next US presidential nightmare election cycle starts. We can do more if we stay. We have work to do and people to educate. It’s time to get organized.

Take care of each other and most importantly don’t give up.



4 thoughts on “The Aftermath

  1. TA Smiley says:

    Well said! As a Canadian watching in horror as our neighbour elected a man who objectifies women, advocates for racial and religious discrimination, and vows to alienate his neighbours, your post is a breath of fresh air amidst a grey cloud of putridness that has been floating North over the location of the promised wall. It is my hope, and that of all my colleagues, friends and family, that those like yourself will emerge unscathed four years from now, strongly united against racial and religious discrimination, violence, and misogyny, and ready to take back your country to truly make it great again, with acceptance of diversity, equality for all citizens, and intolerance for violence in all its forms. If only you had voted for us! ;-)

    Sew on, sister!

  2. SomedaySewing says:

    Thank you I needed the laugh! It’s terrible and embarrassing and mortifying. I just hope nothing too terrible happens in the next 4 years. Facts and cause and effect seem to mean very little in the current political climate here.

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