2017 Sewing Goals

I hope you are looking forward to a new year as much as I am! It’s time to start thinking about my reading and sewing goals for the year. 2 years ago I decided to start using Goodreads.com to keep track of the books I had read for the year. It turns out that it motivated me to “read harder” or really read more books that were not in my normal repertoire. Last year I discovered Margaret Atwood, Octavia Butler, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, while rediscovering Barbara Kingsolver, Neil Gaiman, and Lois Lowry. P.S. I am always open to book suggestions, so feel free to share them with me!

On to my 2017 Sewing Goals!Emerald Green Bridesmaid Dress: One of my very best friends is getting married and has requested a 1950’s style rockabilly wedding. Bridesmaids are wearing emerald green, fit and flare, tea length dresses that will have a leopard print belt around the waist. The good news is as long as it falls into those parameters, we can do whatever else we want. I had started on a bodice for this last year but I think I am going to trash it for fitting issues and start again!

50s tea dress

Kwiksew 3980 Pajamas: My grandmother (pictured below) has very specific taste in pajamas. She will not sleep in cotton, she says that it tries to strangle her while she sleeps. She will only sleep in those slick, nylon pajamas that are damn near impossible to find. And if you do happen upon the unicorns of pajamas then almost always have buttons that poke her in the chest. So I found this kwiksew pattern that sure looks like her favorite pajamas and I am going to make her a pink pair and deliver then when I visit her in Texas in the Spring. I’ll let you know how that goes…


Pineapple Maxi Dress: I bought this adorable pineapple crepe rayon fabric in anticipation of a maxi dress! I haven’t decided on a pattern. The Designer Stitch Pippa is a contender. Imagine drinking a Mai Tai in this! Paradise!

Pineapple rayon crepe

Designer Stitch Gypsy Tunic Dress: This photo made me fall in love with this dress! I have had it printed out for awhile now but I have been searching for the perfect flowy fabric! Plus, it has pockets! Here’s a link to the Gypsy Tunic Dress.

designer stitch gypsy tunic dress

McCalls 7098 Pixie Pants: I made a lot of clothes for work last year. A lot of black clothes. Don’t get me wrong black fabric is great and it hides a lot of iffy sewing, but I have a green broadcloth that I would like to see turned into fun Pixie Pants!M7098Rainbow Hare’s Camper Sewing Machine Cover: This was on my sewing list last year, but I am going to do it this year! I have many more scraps to work with and I have just been dying to get rid of my hideous plastic dust cover! Look how cute it is! Get it here.caravan

Reading Wedge: So I bought this clearance Michael Miller cotton fabric on a whim last year. It is one of those fabrics that I got home and thought, “what were you thinking?” I bought enough to make a dress or something! I bought a lot, like 3.5 yards. I like the colors, but that pattern is so busy, and not a good look for me. I think I am going to make a reading wedge for my bed. Or a cat bed. Maybe both.



Rehearsal Dinner Dress: We are getting married this year and even though we don’t want a fancy rehearsal dinner I would kind of like a fancy dress. Like an off-white shimmery, maybe sequinny, thing. That’s as far as I have gotten on this plan. Suggestions?

Tank Tops, Tees, and Underwear: These are all basics, so I am sure I could do some weekend sewing and have quick pieces that are ready to wear. I have a feeling quick sews like this will help me keep up my sewing mojo!

Happy New Year to you and yours!



6 thoughts on “2017 Sewing Goals

  1. ibijau says:

    sounds like a busy year ahead, I hope you’re able to make all that you want! (also, I find it super sweet that you’re trying to make pj for your grandma!)

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