Sew House Seven: Toaster Sweater #1 aka Turtle Sweater

Oh man, all through November and December I had a cough that I could not shake! I have been looking at all the cozy coats and sweaters that people have been making and I decided I needed one of my own. I have had my eye on the Toaster Sweater #1 from Sew House Seven for a while. I finally decided to take the plunge and bought the pattern. It looks like the warmest sweater and it is a little edgy with that neck piece!


Of course I knew that the model would have a MUCH longer neck than I do, but it’s been so cold I took a chance on it anyway. Let me tell you, this sweater went through about 3 weeks of tweaking and altering to get it to fit! I think it works on me and most importantly it is very warm!

I made the Toaster Sweater #1 in a XXL and I added about 2 inches to the length. I really don’t want a short sweater. I chose a bulky, stiff grey knit with a textured print! The pattern calls for a stiffer fabric that will hold up the neck piece, but mine may be too stiff. I have been in love with textured sweaters this year. There is optional twin needle top-stitching on this pattern and I really liked the way it looked. It is a nice detail!

IMG_20161204_170450 Every seam is sewn with a straight stitch and then a 3-step zig zag stitch. It does make for a sturdy seam, but they are also a little bulky. ( I still have to trim this seam allowance down a bit.) IMG_20161129_200142

Oh yeah, and I also ordered woven, sew-in labels from the Dutch Label Shop! They were on sale and I decided to give them a try! They are so cute!

IMG_20161207_195840 So onto the biggest challenge of this pattern: the neck piece! The picture below is of the neck piece exactly as the pattern sizes it for XXL. It is way too tight and it is also much smaller than the neck opening in the body of the sweater. My advice would be to cut out the body and sleeves, sew them up and then see if the neck pattern piece looks too small! This fabric has about 20% stretch, but it was not going to cover the 2 inch width difference between the neck opening and the neck piece.


Neck Piece #1. Unaltered from the pattern.


So I used the neck opening of the body to cut a new neck piece! Neck Piece #2. I only made this one wider, it is still the height of the pattern piece. (I’m also starting to feel like a turtle!)


Neck Piece #2. 2 inches wider, but same height.

Progress shot! So I put the 2nd neck piece on the body and oh, man did I have some changes to make! The sleeves are way too long! and the neck piece is definitely too tall! I took 4 inches off of each sleeve.


But back to the neck, I cut off about 2 inches of the height. I couldn’t decide that this is exactly what I wanted. It’s not bad, and it is different than anything I own.



Neck Piece #2 altered once more. Removed 2 inches from the height and cut a small dip in the front shirt neckline.

I submitted the picture above to the Curvy Sewing Collective Facebook Group for opinions and someone gave me great advice! She told me that I should lower the front center of the neckline so that my chin could have a little more room! Genius! Here it is in all it’s turtley-glory! It’s is a touch snug around the middle, I may add and inch or two to the middle the next time around. The sleeves may be too long for some people still but I like a warm sweater to cover my hands. Forgive my bangs, I am trying to grow them out and right now they are in “shaggy dog” mode.


From the back! I think you have to wear your hair up with this sweater neck line.


Hurrah for a warm winter sweater!!!


11 thoughts on “Sew House Seven: Toaster Sweater #1 aka Turtle Sweater

  1. Sewing for Cat People says:

    Brilliant! I love seeing progress shots and you really adjusted this top to fit and suit you better. That fabric looks so warm and snuggly! I’m always on the hunt for nice fabric like that.

    • SomedaySewing says:

      Thank you! I’m nothing if not determined. The fabric is from Joann’s and I was really looking for a nice off white, but I couldn’t find one. I’m excited for the temperature to drop again so I can wear it more because it is REALLY warm!

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