Love Notions Laundry Day Tee

I have been fussing with two troublesome party dress muslins and I am not quite ready to cut into my good fabric. So I decided I needed a break and the instant gratification of just finishing one easy thing! Enter the Laundry Day Tee. It is a really quick make with simple instructions, and yet, I managed to mess up each and every step! Have you ever had one of those sewing days? It’s embarrassing, but not so mortifying that I am unwilling to share it with you!


See? I even had trouble taking photos. I snapped so many with my eyes closed. Although, this turned out to be kind of sassy.

I made the Laundry Day Tee because I really wanted to try that tent dress, swingy look! I did not have to grade up the size, and after these two grading muslins I am pretty thrilled about that. The pattern comes with several options, which is great because it creates a lot of versatility for what could be just a t-shirt. I made size XXL with the v-neck and long sleeves in the t-shirt length.


As I said before the instructions are simple and well-written. There are only 5 pieces to to assemble; 2 sleeves, front, back, and neckline. The front and back pattern pieces are one pattern piece and are to be cut on the fold. Well I read that and then it went right out of my head! See that seam down the middle of my back? That’s right! I wasn’t paying attention and I didn’t cut on a fold. It actually turned out OK as this shirt has a lot of room. I just sewed them together and created a center seam down the back.


Here is where the other place where my brain took a walk. The front and back are made from one pattern piece. First you use the one pattern piece to cut the back with the higher neckline. Then cut out your scoop or v-neck on the same pattern piece and use it to cut out your front. I followed none of these instructions so I have the same v-neckline in the front and the back. Thankfully I had enough scraps to cut out two neckline pieces. This is how I fixed the neckline for two v-necks, one on the front and one on the back.

First I took the v-neckpiece that I had already cut and followed the first few steps in the instructions.


I folded it in half and sewed up the  angled edges. (I just pinned it in the picture.)


On the front of the shirt I lined up the raw edges of the neck binding and the raw edges of the neck and pinned. The longer edge of the angled end goes right at the very tip of the v on the shirt.


This the the shirt from the front.

Next I flipped the shirt over so the back was facing up and continued pinning raw edges to raw edges.


This is the shirt from the back.

The binding will be longer than the back v. It is originally supposed to be the neck binding for the front and back, but, you know, I messed up. I snipped at an angle so it looks just like the front of the shirt.Then I cut another neck binding and I did the exact same thing for the other side of the neck. Then you take them off the shirt, sew the angled edges on the right and left neck binding to each other. Then you re-pin raw edges to raw edges again, sew, and then top stitch! Easy!


So yeah! I really like this pattern. The only change I would make next time, aside from following the instructions, is perhaps a thicker fabric. I bought this really inexpensive ITY cranberry knit to whip up a quick instructional garment for a class and ended up using it for this. I think a ponte knit would really suit this silhouette next time!




15 thoughts on “Love Notions Laundry Day Tee

  1. Sewing for Cat People says:

    Oh the colour of that fabric is so lovely and really suits you!

    Have I ever made something simple and messed up every step…? Absolutely! I was doing two pockets at the weekend I think it took six takes of unpicking! And this is not my first time with this pattern!

  2. Nancy Fitzpatrick says:

    I’m a fan of embellishment. A row of tiny sequins with a bead would look lovely along the neckline seam….or a row of wooden beads….I guess I better order the darned pattern! This color really suits you, and you did a fabulous recovery!

  3. K. says:

    Good save, doing V’s can be a pain! I have left tails and joined off-center for a rolled flower or criss-cross with a button on top for neckline interest. H. screams about paper use with downloads, how was the printing?

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