Kwik Sew 3980: Memee’s Birthday Pajamas

I recently went to visit my grandmother in Texas for her birthday. I love it there! She lives very close to the border. It is nice and warm and while things in St. Louis are still in Winter Mode, Texas plants are blooming away!


I decided to use my sewing powers for non-selfish reasons, for once, and made her a pair of pajamas. Now my Memee is very particular about her pajamas. These are her requirements.

  1. No cotton. The only pajamas she will wear are slippery nylon which are damn near impossible to find!
  2. No buttons down the front. If you do manage to find the unicorn of pajamas, they have buttons down the front which poke her in the middle of the night.
  3. The tops and bottoms should be matching colors.

Enter the Kwik Sew 3980 Pajama Set version A with some very nice lace details! I have finally found the pattern that will encompass all of those requirements!


I purchased some light pink Denier Tricot and 2 inch wide lace for the details. I bought 2 yards of the lace which is just enough for the neck and legs, but not the sleeves.


I believe the instructions on these have you sew the lace onto the fabric and let the lace hang over the edge a bit so you don’t have to finish the fabric. I decided she probably wouldn’t like the lace on the skin around her neck so I went the extra step and folded the edge in 1/4″ and sewed the edge of the lace right up to the edge of the fold.

So in order to cut a nice mitered edge at the V neck I used both ends of the lace. It wasn’t until I took photos that I noticed there is a right and wrong side to lace! You learn something new everyday!


I just sliced right down the middle with a rotary cutter on my cutting mat.



Then I just used a zig zag stitch all the way down the middle of the V. Those blue dots are from my marking pen.


I folded over the back neckline and finished it with a twin needle.


So you can see the front neckline with lace and the back neckline without. I didn’t add lace to the sleeves, I just folded it under and twin needle stitched around the arm holes.


I decided since these were a gift to do french seams. I was totally new to french seams and they are so easy! I don’t know why I was so frightened to try them and they look so nice! I even did them around some shallow curves.


Ta Da! French Seams in all their glory!


Here is the top from the inside.


They have been on the hanger for a little over a month.


They fit! I’m so glad, because I measured her pajamas when she was in town in December and I was hoping I did it correctly. She wouldn’t stop dancing in them and it was very hard to get pictures, but that is OK!

memee edit

Here’s a little close of of the pant legs and my Memee’s fuzzy socks. She’s pretty adorable, right?


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