I want to befriend some new colors!

There are some colors that I have been avoiding, even as they have continued to pop up in my social media feeds with ever-increasing popularity.

Let’s start with Big Floral Prints:

Floral Dot

I love big floral prints! I am drawn to them in fabrics and in home decor, like the beautiful floral wallpapers below.

floral wallpaper

Yet, I have never purchased a large floral print for anything. I guess my biggest fear is that I will end up looking like I am wearing a mumu.

I have been looking through a lot of wedding stuff and floral bridesmaids dresses are everywhere. I think I am just going to have to get over my “mumu fear.” I have a maxi dress pattern with fluttery sleeves that is just screaming for a big floral motif! Also, I wish I had bought Gertie’s bright blue floral fabric when it was still at Joann’s. It is so summery!

floral collage


Next up is Blush:

Blush Dot

Blush has been EVERYWHERE for the past few years and I must admit I am not immune to it’s charms. Anna Kendrick wearing Elie Saab in 2010 looks girly and grownup at the same time. Ashley Nell Tipton featured it in her final Project Runway collection and continues to use it in her JCPenney collection.

blush collage

Even this week I got an email from Collette Patterns featuring their free Sorbetto pattern in blush! The reason I have not made anything in this particular color is because it washes me out. I think what I need to do is try to find the right shade of blush or feature it on a piece of clothing that is not near my face. I want to join all the cool kids wearing blush!

blush collage 2


And finally, Chartreuse:


Here is a color that I do not think gets enough credit. My family lovingly calls it “pea green.” I have secretly been in love with it forever! I love the way it adds pop to mid century furnishings. It is often featuring with aqua blue and orange.

chartreuse house

Mid century has been making a comeback and you can see it everywhere, from bar carts to Michael Miller fabrics, to throwback patterns.

chartreuse Mid century patterns

Now I am not nearly interested enough in fashion to know many designers, but I do know Christian Siriano. The reason I know who he is is because he designs for plus size women in Hollywood and dresses them in fearless color, like chartreuse! I love that I get to see couture on bodies shaped similar to mine. Below is Angela Bassett, who I think is getting younger every year, and Danielle Brooks in the most fun gown I have ever seen. Also, the model from a 2012 Siriano collection is wearing blush and chartreuse. I didn’t even know you could do that!

chartreuse Siriano

In a more muted chartreuse is Essie Davis from Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Marion Boyce designed the costumes for the show and they are a dream. Google them, watch the show, visit them on exhibition in Austraila, just look at them!

essie davis

Now I did purchase this chartreuse cotton when I first started sewing and had no idea what I was doing. I am tempted to use it to make the Style Arc Adeline dress. I have been looking for something boxy and contemporary like this. I may line the cotton so this has a little more shape.


So that’s it! These are the things I have been thinking about while not doing much productive sewing. I would love to hear your thoughts on color choices, these or others! And yes, I am counting big floral prints as a color. :)


3 thoughts on “I want to befriend some new colors!

  1. Sewing for Cat People says:

    Oh blush, it’s such pretty girly colour, but I’m too pale for it. I’m thinking of incorporating it into underwear/nightwear. I have this NEED for a little summer romper to lounge around the house in.

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