How to Add Bra Strap Holders

I have been working on Vogue 8615 for as a bridesmaid’s dress for a 50’s type rockabilly wedding. It’s pretty much finished, but even though I brought the boat neck in 2″ on each side, it still shows my bra straps.


Le Sigh. I have 3 strapless bras and I hate them all. They just don’t feel very secure to me and they droop. Most people don’t know that the band around your back actually does most of the heavy lifting (pardon the expression) and the straps do more like 25% of the supporting. So when you take away the straps the band has to do more work, meaning it is tighter, thus creating…

back rolls

So I had the mostly brilliant idea to add on my own bra strap holders! Ok, it’s probably not that brilliant, but it felt that way while I was trying on every strapless bra I own. I went out and bought some green ribbon and sew on snaps. This dress is fully lined so the sew on snaps will only be sewn onto the lining.


I folded over the raw end of the ribbon and sewed the male end of the snap on.


I admit do not have the most beautiful hand-sewing skills. :/

With the male snap facing the lining fabric, I folded over the other raw end and then sewed it into the sleeve seam allowance.


Next I sewed the female snap onto the lining right underneath the male snap.


And there it is, my new bra strap holders. I also made them about 1/2″ shorter than the shoulder so that even if my bra strap pulls the ribbon a little bit, it won’t show. Bring on the wedding photographer!


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