Seamwork Moji Pants #2


I have been wearing my black Moji pants to work a lot lately and I thought I could do with another pair. I had some leftover blush pink satin and I though it went rather nicely with a gray woven I had picked out.


The blush does limit the colors you can wear on top a bit, but I think neutrals and maybe even a light blue would go well with these.

collage 2

I cut these out in a size 26, and unlike the other pair I made, this time I did not take the waist in. It seemed to fit pretty well. From the hips down to the ankles I tapered these into a size 16. They look really frumpy at the bottom if they do not taper in. The only other thing I did was cut about an inch off the cuffs so they weren’t sitting quite as tall.

collage 3

I may end up covering the pockets with shirts most of the time, because of where they are placed. The only thing I may do differently next time is add a little length to the crotch. The back of the waist is a little lower than I like.


Until next time.


6 thoughts on “Seamwork Moji Pants #2

  1. annabelletroy says:

    The pink satin is a nice touch. I like the idea of you doing them again with a different type of contrasting fabric, like a paisley print or even neoprene. You could have a whole series!

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