Style Arc Adeline: The dress I thought I could never love…

There are some styles of dresses that I never wear because I don’t have a defined waist. I wear a lot of empire waists and princess cuts in an effort to create one. That’s my own brain worrying about what is flattering and how other people perceive the shape of my body. That is a whole thing! I’m learning to un-learn those worries and thoughts.


So I never expected to love the Style Arc Adeline, but I thought it looked great on Jenny from Cashmerette and Meg from Cookin’ and Craftin’. I also thought it looked pretty comfortable, so I thought that even if I didn’t love it, I could wear it to run errands and around the house on days when I don’t feel like wearing pants. (Everyone has those days!) I fell in love! I LOVE THIS DRESS! I would wear it everyday if I wouldn’t get weird looks.

The Adeline and I also did not get off to a great start as I printed out the pattern without checking the test square. I recycled all the scrap paper so I can’t tell you for sure, but I have a feeling I printed the pattern much larger than the 100% scale. So it started out looking like a choir robe and it was not so promising. Oops!


I chose to use a medium to heavy weight linen and I used scrap cotton lawn for the facings. I took it in about 2 inches while keeping the curve in the side seams. I also hemmed it up about 6 inches. (I’m short.)


I decided to use one my favorite colors, chartreuse, as a contrast facing. I love it! You can just barely see it at the bottom when I am wearing it.

dress collage

Now if you are able to delay the gratification of finishing your garment enough to wear, you could hand tack the sleeve cuffs. Those little dots on the cuffs are machine tacks. I machine tacked the cuffs on the outside because my hand sewing skills are not great and I really wanted those to be secure.


One thing you may notice is that even though I LOVE pockets, this dress does not have them. I don’t love the big square pockets that sit on the front of the dress so I left them off. I did try to put pockets in the side seams with my contrasting fabric. Alas, I did not take pictures, but it just ruined the curvy shape of the dress so I took them out.


I cannot tell you how happy the dress, my 90’s sandals, and a pair of leggings make me feel! The high/low hem is one of my favorite things about this dress! It really gives you the opportunity to add a pop of contrast.

Collage cube

Now the back pieces are completely straight. I did take it in between the shoulder blades. I just made folded the back in half along the center seam with right sides together and sewed a gentle, half inch deep curve into the back between the shoulder blades for about 10 inches. Then I trimmed the seam allowance.  I did that after I had already added the facing and I didn’t want to take it off and alter it. :) It’s sort of the lazy woman’s alteration.

Collage cube 3

20 thoughts on “Style Arc Adeline: The dress I thought I could never love…

  1. Robin says:

    I love it–the color and the whimsical facings. I don’t have much of a waistline either, so I was nodding my head in agreement when you mentioned empire waist and princess seamed dresses–those are my go-to’s also.

  2. Sewing for Cat People says:

    Oh it’s such a lovely dress and the colour is to die for! I did laugh at the picture before you too it in between the (hospital!) gown and your face it was just too funny, sorry!

    • SomedaySewing says:

      Haha, thank you. It did not seem promising at first. It’s been so long since a silhouette has come along and surprised me that I can’t remember the last time it happened! I hope this opens me up to more new things.

  3. Naomi Sews says:

    This looks great on you. I’ve never really worn shift dresses, but I think they are a style that is so flattering on everyone. Think I need to make one for summer!

  4. Janine @ Rainbow Hare says:

    I love this dress. Too funny the sizing miscalculation photo! But good that it was too big rather than cut too small (something I have often done :-( )and now you have a perfect fit. If you make again and feel like something a little different I think it would look great with the facings on the outside. My daughters would probably disagree though so feel free to say if you think that would be horrendous! I just think it’s a shame that gorgeous facing fabric doesn’t get to be seen :)

  5. claire says:

    This looks glorious on you! I love your color palette. Thanks for the tip about adding side seam pockets. I was thinking of doing that, but will skip it on your advice. Not a big fan of patch pockets, either.

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