My Tchotchke Pincushion

I caught sight of a cute little pincushion on Instagram last week, and of course I can’t find it again. It was a ceramic animal with a hollow space and it had a velvet pincushion in the hollow space. I believe the one I saw was completely hand made and so it was very cool. This is my semi-homemade (like Sandra Lee from Food Network) version.


We have this great antique mall near us and they had tons of little hollow ceramic tchotchkes. I decided to go with the bunny. It was a close call between that and one of those 40’s ceramic women’s busts with the big decorative hats. He is pretty cute and he was only $5.


The hole body is completely hollow so there is quite a bit of space to fill.


I really like the velvet texture on my inspiration pincushion so I popped out and happened to find a velvet remnant. It was about $2 and I have a lot leftover! So I cut out a pretty large “circle.” I’ll be honest, there is probably a mathematical way to figure out the size that your pincushion needs to be to fill the hollow space and still bubble out over the edges. I just eyeballed it.


I hand sewed a regular ease stitch around the outside and pulled it tight as I went.


Eyeballing the circle size worked on the first try!


I wanted to be able to continue to add stuffing as I tried it out so I tied a knot in the thread but left a little opening to give the cushion some flexibility in size.



Then I just squished and stuffed the cushion into the opening, trying to make sure opening in the cushion was inside the bunny.


I smoothed the velvet down a bit and viola! Tchotchke Pincushion!


Pretty nifty, huh?



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