Colette Sorbetto: Hmmm…

I cannot decide if I like the Collette Sorbetto. It has some unusual fit issues that the Curvy Sewing Collective details in a blog comparison of the Collette Sorbetto and the Cashmerette Springfield. I experienced the same sleeve issues that Michelle mentions. Now frankly, I cut everything on the larger side, so that I can take in if I need to, whereas it is not as easy to save something cut too small. I probably need to take an alterations course. You will see that my “rogue altering” is getting a little out of hand!

what am i doing

You may recognize this bright green cotton fabric from my Adeline dress, that I love. It’s a regular cotton lawn and I think this top would drape a little better with a softer fabric. I think this may look better as a tank top, but even with the darts there was a little too much room in the arm holes for me.




I did add a little too much length to the sleeves to make sure I cut hem them to a length I liked. The sleeves were much larger than the armholes and caused a lot of puffy shoulder action. I’m not a fan of puffy sleeves. Also this is when I noticed the shoulders were really wide so the should seam slipped down onto my arm.


Ok, so now I have made the arm holes larger by taking in the shoulders, cut the sleeves smaller and hemmed them to a length I like. GOOD BYE, PUFFY SLEEVES! I thought it was good until I took photos. Now the neckline won’t lay flat. Then, I threw it on the floor and left it there for a few days.


When I decided to go back to it I took off the neck binding, took in the shoulder seams, and then re-sewed the neck binding back on. So here it is! In all it’s lime green glory. (Also, I cut my own bangs, and kind of regret it. As I always do.)

collage 1

I kind of like the swingy shape of the bottom of the shirt. It feels a little 60’s-ish. Again, I think I made a poor fabric choice. I decided to hem the shirt with bias tape, that I made myself, and it is a little too stiff for my taste.

collage 2

I have worn it to work twice now and people seem to like it. However, I feel a little like I am wearing scrubs. When I move my arms the sleeves pull the front in weird ways. I thought this was due to my alterations, but Michelle on the CSC blog had the same issue, and didn’t make my crazy alterations. I am currently trying to decide if I need to remove the sleeves and just make it into a tank top. Any suggestions? Right now, the Sorbetto is not on my “make again” list.



12 thoughts on “Colette Sorbetto: Hmmm…

  1. Caitlyn says:

    Ah, the trials and travails of the Colette Sorbetto. The sewing is simple, but the fitting seems to be a challenge regardless of a person’s shape or size. I was similarly underwhelmed with the result, though like you I think the pattern might hang more attractively in a drapier fabric (I also sewed one in a lawn). Based on the CSC discussion, I’d say take the sleeves off and see what you think, but if you still don’t love it, I don’t think anyone would blame you for giving it the boot. You’ve given it more than a fair shake at this point.

  2. robbie says:

    I think you’ve nailed the fit after the alterations. It does look a little stiff (maybe it is the fabric choice). I wouldn’t toss it though. IDK, maybe it’s me. I tend to hang on to well fitting stuff. If nothing else, it’s a great muslin.

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