I made my own bias tape!

And another thing I love about sewing is that I am constantly learning new things! This chartreuse fabric is one of the first fabrics that I ever bought and I am now about to put it to another use; 1/4″ double fold bias tape!


Materials; fabric marker, strips of remnant fabric (cut on the bias), 12mm bias tape maker, iron, rotary cutter/scissors, and a ruler.

First I cut out 7/8″ strips from my remnants. You are supposed to cut them out of the bias, but…I got distracted and cut the strips along the grain. Oops! It still worked for me.

2 collage

With right sides together I put the ends of the strips together at the edges perpendicular to each other. Sew a line diagonally from one edge to the other. Not the inside corner and outside corner. I would recommend you open it to make sure it makes one continuous piece, with the right sides up at the same time. I made the mistake of sewing it up the wrong way more than once.

3 collage

Trim the extra off of the seam allowance along the diagonal seam and press flat.


With the fabric wrong side facing up, I fed it into the wide end of the 12mm bias tape maker. As I pulled the bias tape maker to the left I hit the folded tape coming out on the right with my iron.


Now you have single fold bias tape!


To make double fold bias tape I just folded the tape in half and hit it with the iron, again.


Boom! Double fold bias tape! Easy, right?


9 thoughts on “I made my own bias tape!

  1. Caitlyn says:

    Now that you’ve tried the piecing method, you should give the continuous loop method a try! (There’s a tutorial on the Colette blog.) It’s a little fiddly at first, but the end result of cutting one long strip of bias tape is absolutely magical–I highly recommend it!

  2. TipStitched says:

    I just purchased bias taps makers with a giftcard I won! I must try this soon. it just seems like such a great way to use scraps and add a bit of fun to the insides of my garments. Did you run into any issues due to not cutting on the bias?

    • SomedaySewing says:

      I would guess cutting on the bias would keep the edges from unraveling a bit sooner. I did not run into any issues, but I also used it right away. I just got over excited and went right into cutting strips!

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