Wedding Dress into Hair Flower

A family member asked if  I would like to use some sew some pieces of an old family wedding dress into the hem of my dress for a “something old.” I don’t really subscribe to all of the things “blue” and “old” that you are supposed to have for a wedding, but I thought there might be a way to honor her request and make something beautiful from a family heirloom. 
4 - May Phoebe Hinckley-Eyssell 10-21-1914

This dress is from a family wedding in 1914. All of those family members had passed away before I was born so I don’t have any sentimental connections to it, but it’s interesting to see this family photo from a wedding that happened over 100 years ago!

There wasn’t much left of the dress; just a bit of the lace and silk charmeuse bodice and a satin train with pearl beads in the shape of bows. The lace was just so delicate that it would tear very easily. 2



I detached the pearl beads because I thought I would sew them into the center of the flower, but I decided they were too small. You may see them in a bracelet later on. :)5

I used a fabric marker and a little bucket with two sizes of circle to make the petals of the flower. I used the large opening for a larger flower and the small bottom for a smaller flower.


I cut out the circles and then folded them in half, and half again to make the petals.


I did 8 large petals for the large flower and 6 small petals for the smaller flower.


I hand sewed a loose stitch around the raw edges of the petals one after the other.


When I had all 8 petals threaded I pulled the thread until the gathered and then sewed the circle closed.


Viola! Big flower is done! The middle is all raw edges and there is a hole so when I put the middle piece in it can go through.


Next I used the smaller side of my bucket to cut out 6 smaller circles and followed the same steps to make the smaller flower.


I wanted to cover the middle section of raw edges so I cut one more circle, hand sewed a loose stitch all the way around the edges and pulled it tight until it made a little poof.


Then I stuffed that puff into the center of the small flower. This is where I thought I was going to hand sew all of the pearl beads, but I decided against it.


Instead of the pearl beads in the center I bought a costume jewelry brooch and pinned it to that center poof. Then I sewed and glued the smaller flower/brooch combo to the larger flower.


Finally I purchased some alligator clips to hold it in my hair. I opened the alligator clip and hot glued one side only to the back of the larger flower. I cut out a circle of felt and put hot glue on one side. Then I opened the alligator clip and put the felt, glue side down, on top of the glued side of the alligator clip, and big flower.


And, here it is in all it’s glory! The silk charmeuse is an ivory color and my dress is white. I am hoping I can get away with them together, because I really like this hair flower!


I also had all of those leftover pearl beads so I found these circle bracelet directions from and made a bracelet!
Flower and bracelet

I used large seed beads between each circle. If I can’t make the hair flower work I will definitely be wearing the bracelet. Sorry, I didn’t take any photos of the bracelet in process, but if you make one you will see it goes so quickly!

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