Updating my 2017 “To Sew” list

So this year is flying by and our wedding is fast approaching as I told a friend, “there is a lot of wedding crafting happening!” I can’t help but think of what to sew in my free time afterwards. As usual, my “To Sew” list has changed due to wants, needs, and just life in general. I am a list-making maniac, but I am not unwilling to go with the flow and change them as I need to.

Cashmerette Appleton for my Mom

I’m sort of cheating here as this dress is nearly finished. My Mom wants to wear a maxi dress to our rehearsal dinner, but she is having trouble finding a true RTW maxi. They all stop above her ankle, and she is 5′ 4″. What is that about? So I offered to make her one. I helped her pick this beautiful, tropical double knit that is not too clingy and not sheer. We had a quick fitting this weekend and it looks so great. I cannot believe I did not try this pattern sooner!


Cashmerette Upton 

The Appleton was such a breeze that I decided I would like to wear the Upton to our rehearsal dinner. While I was in line at JoAnn’s Fabrics to have some fabric cut I saw this Nate Berkus Palm Home Decor Fabric in clearance and I knew it was for me! As soon as I finish my Mom’s dress I will move on to mine!


Seamwork Gabrielle

I have had this pattern cut out for month and could not decide on a fabric. I think It would look great with this crepe rayon pineapple I have. I hope it fits without any alterations, because with this many pattern pieces I think grading it up might be a pain.


Hey June Willamette Shirt

While in Denver in April I popped into Fabric Bliss for a few minutes to see if there was anything I couldn’t live without and it turns out this Cotton + Steel Rayon with birds eating fish on it called my name. It is beautiful, lighyweight, and drapey. I think it will make the perfect summer Willamette Shirt.

Willamette Shirt

Vogue Patterns 1496

A co-worker made this last year and it looks so awesome that I had to get the pattern for myself. This is not normally my look, but I am really into “sack dresses” this year. I also found this fabric on sale at JoAnn’s that I thought would be perfect for this shape.

Vogue 1496

I think I am getting a little better at choosing the right fabrics for the right projects. Have a good weekend!


7 thoughts on “Updating my 2017 “To Sew” list

  1. Janine @ Rainbow Hare says:

    You’ve got some great patterns and lovely fabric choices there. I love how you say, “I popped into Fabric Bliss for a few minutes…”. I’m so indecisive that I can never get out of a fabric shop in less than an hour!

    • SomedaySewing says:

      Haha! Honestly, I only got out so quick because it is a very small store and my fiance was with me. If not for that I would be with you, walking up and down every aisle more than once.

  2. Lynn says:

    Oh, I love these, especially the first fabric. Also, the pattern you’re using for the pineapple fabric. I might have to get that pattern myself.

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