Cashmerette Appleton

My Mom wanted to wear a maxi dress to my rehearsal dinner and of course she could not find one that was a true maxi. When did maxi dresses start landing at your shins when you are 5′ 4″? So I pulled together all of my maxi or “could be” maxi dress patterns and we went through them together. She chose the Cashmerette Appleton wrap dress.


We then went on a search for fabric and ended up with this double knit with beautiful red flowers on a blue background from I’m pretty excited that I overbought and now there is enough leftover for a top for me too!

I promised her there would be enough cleavage coverage, so I cut the bodice out in a 22D and graded the front crossover out to a 28.

Appleton 1

In turning this into a maxi I measured my Mom from the back of her neck to her heel. Then I added 3 inches to ensure it would be long enough. I ended up trimming that 3 inches off again. Oh well. One mistake that I did make is that I just lengthened the skirt, I did not draw it wider at the bottom. I should have because it pulls back towards her side seams.

To stop the flap from being too revealing, if you can’t tell my Mom is very modest, I added a hook and eye right under the hole in the right seam where the wrap tie feeds through.

detail 2

That little green circle shows where the hook and eye is located from the outside of the dress.

Here we are at our rehearsal dinner. My Mom in her Cashmerette Appleton maxi and me in my Cashmerette Upton Dress with sleeves!

Mom and me

18 thoughts on “Cashmerette Appleton

  1. Alex says:

    Such a beautiful dress! I don’t usually like patterns, but this fabric is just gorgeous!! Well done for the unselfish sewing, you both look great!

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