Vogue 9111 Sweater Dress

It’s finally sweater weather in Missouri! Hurray! I’m not nearly ready to knit a sweater, but I decided to make a sweater dress.


I happened across Mimi G’s Vogue 9111 Sweater Dress Sew Along where she takes view B and turns it into a mini dress. If you just like the top there is a beautiful version by TipStitched. When I first started sewing I bought a lot of clearance fabric, and while that can be fun I quickly learned that sometimes it is better to pay more for a better fabric. I haves some things that pilled after a few washes or that unraveled very quickly.


I bought this slate blue tissue sweater knit on clearance. I could not figure out what to do with it. It is so thin, I though it I could make a shawl, but I never really got carried away with that idea. When I saw the sweater dress I knew I had more than enough fabric and I could line it with a white knit to make it work.


I made a size XXL in view B and the only alteration I made was to lengthen the top by 5 inches and to take in the sleeves. The sleeves on this dress were huge and they didn’t look quite right on me.



So I threw a white camisole underneath since it is cut a little low for me and then some black leggings and, Boom! Fall sweater dress! I love it! I have to say I would never have purchased this fabric from the illustrations on the pattern cover. It really looks better once you sew it!

Happy Sewing!


7 thoughts on “Vogue 9111 Sweater Dress

  1. Nadja Miller says:

    Very nice. . I know you said slate blue but in the photos it looks more purple gray (lighting?) which I find beautiful anyway

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