Fabric Shopping in London and Edinburgh

We got back from our honeymoon to London, Edinburgh, and Dublin a couple of weeks ago and my new fabric souvenirs are in the wash! I added a bunch of fabric stores to our lists of places to visit. Ian added a bunch of record stores, so we both got to buy some souvenirs we really wanted.


The first fabric store on my list is really a department store. I had been warned that the fabric is very expensive but I really just wanted to see the building as well. It’s gorgeous!


The roof has these beautiful sky lights and there are several floors.


The fabric area was sort of like walking through a museum. There was a whole area for their Tana Cotton Lawn bolts. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend £35 per meter for myself.

While Ian went to a record store I wandered over to MacCulloch & Wallis. They were a treasure trove of trims and notions. They had some fabrics, but again they were a little pricey for me and nothing really jumped out at me.


After that we were already near The Berwick Street Cloth Shop but it was already closed. If their display mannequins are anything to go by, they sell some beautiful specialty fabrics.


I stopped to get a cup of coffee across the way from yet another record store and looked up right at Broadwick Silks. Sadly, they were also closed. This store was not on my list of fabric stores so this was a happy accident.


These display windows are so gorgeous! I probably looked a little crazy. It was Friday night and people were spilling out of the puns with their drinks and I was drooling over these display windows and taking pictures. Worth it!


OK, here is where I did actually buy fabric…and many other things, Portobello Market! I remember going to Portobello market on Saturdays with my parents as a child and getting warm candied almonds or nutella crepes and stopping to watch street performers. It’s good to know that this is still a great area to shop and people watch. (We definitely had nutella crepes too.)


The “Racism is Bad” one man band. No argument here!

And here it is! I found a fabric stall and every fabric I looked at was £2.50 per meter. Now we are in business.


My backpack was pretty full so I only bought a few meters of this rayon. I’m not sure what I’m going to make yet, but this could lend itself to almost anything!


Then we spent a few days in Edinburgh. We just absolutely loved it there! We could have spent more time there because we really packed a lot into every day. While Ian was at, you guessed it, a record store, I walked a few blocks down the street to Edinburgh Fabrics.


There was more beautiful wool fabric than I have ever seen in one place! I could not resist. The fabric prices definitely range from affordable to pretty expensive so I felt pretty good about being able to find something.


Reduced Prices, you say!


I ended up with this very versatile black and white wool plaid. I think it will make for a nice skirt!fabric1

So I didn’t end up with a ton of fabric, but I had a good time looking! (Ian did find quite a few records!)



6 thoughts on “Fabric Shopping in London and Edinburgh

  1. Emily says:

    Hope you had a fabulous time in the UK! I’m off to Edinburgh the weekend after next so I might pop into that fabric store you went to! It looked good!

  2. Lesley says:

    Edinburgh is tricky for fabric shopping because they’re all quite far apart. Next time try hopping over to Bonnington and you’ll find Remnant Kings and Fabric Focus within walking distance of each other (though I do love Edinburgh Fabrics!)

  3. bestdetective says:

    That rayon is really gorgeous! I’m laughing that Dublin wasn’t a sewing destination because I live here and do almost all my fabric shopping online or on holiday, though occasionally I strike it lucky with a local shop. I love visiting Liberty for the building too, but can’t recall actually buying fabric there…

    Congratulations, and I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon. I just stumbled across your blog, and will be happily following along to see what you make from your lovely souvenirs.

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