One Size Fits All Robes

For my wedding my best woman gave me this beautiful robe. It’s so soft and has big, fancy kimono sleeves. It is a really thoughtful gift and so beautiful. 1.1

Ok, here’s the thing. I generally hate robes.  I just don’t like to sit around without clothes on. Also, one size does not fit all. It really sucks when you go to put on a roomy-looking robe and then it doesn’t close. Sadly that was the case with my new robe. Instead of returning it, I decided to do a little altering! Here’s how.

I purchased this sheer pink chiffon a couple of years ago. I wish I had written down what I thought I would make with this. It has been in my stash since I pre-washed it. It happens to go with the peachy-pink flowers perfectly!


First I folded my robe in half, matching side seams and ironed the center back line down the middle. I cut straight up the center and stopped just below the neckline facing.


The cut was about 34″ so I cut a strip of sheer pink fabric at 36″ long and 14″ wide and then folded it in half. I very gently ironed it and then cut out a slightly curving triangle all the way down.


I decided to do a french seam which ends up looking like a flat felled seam. To attach I matched the pink fabric and robe wrong sides together and stitched.


I ended up stitching the very top of the pink triangle by hand.


Then I turned it inside out and ironed right sides together along the seam I had just stitched and stitched again. In the photo below is of the outside of the robe. The left side is the first stitching and the right side is after my second line of stitching.


The photo below is the robe from the inside after I finished the french seam. I didn’t like how you could see the french seam through the sheer panel so I ironed the seams toward the robe fabric and then went back and top stitched through all the french seams.


Here is the robe from the outside again. You can see the top stitching around the pink panel.


I just took out a little bit of the robe’s hem so I could attach the pink panel. Then I trimmed the pink chiffon to the length of the robe and ironed it into place.


Lastly I finished the hem and trimmed the threads.


Here is the back!



Ta Da! I now have a robe that fits, and is a little bit see-through! :P


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