What a year!

Whew! This year has been one full of change for me personally. We got married, we went on an overseas honeymoon, and upon our return we both started new jobs within weeks of each other. Also, I have been learning to knit, play the ukulele, and I am still trying to fit in some sewing and blogging.

make nine collage2017

My best nine from 2017 (top to bottom, left to right): Vogue 8615, Kwik Sew3980 for my grandmother, Style Arc Adeline, Simplicity 8379, my first knitting piece, MARRIED!, self drafted tiki dress, Christmas 2017, the women’s march.

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The Cheshire Inn in St. Louis

My better half made a secret reservation for the night of our wedding at a surprise hotel! You don’t often stay in a hotel in the city you live in so I just never thought we would visit the Cheshire Inn in St. Louis. The Cheshire Inn is a “theme hotel.” It’s a little kitschy and a lot fun and I am here for it!


The entryway boasts a Buckingham Palace guard and a red telephone booth.


The front desk has those cubbies that used to hold room keys and now hold bookmarks for each room. We definitely kept ours.

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