The Cheshire Inn in St. Louis

My better half made a secret reservation for the night of our wedding at a surprise hotel! You don’t often stay in a hotel in the city you live in so I just never thought we would visit the Cheshire Inn in St. Louis. The Cheshire Inn is a “theme hotel.” It’s a little kitschy and a lot fun and I am here for it!


The entryway boasts a Buckingham Palace guard and a red telephone booth.


The front desk has those cubbies that used to hold room keys and now hold bookmarks for each room. We definitely kept ours.


A fireplace, stuffed bear and a chess board make the lobby a pretty nice place to eat breakfast or read in the morning.


The business center is Queen Elizabeth themed. I loved it, there are a lot of photos of her in elegant outfits on the opposite walls.


Each room is named for a British author. I walked around and caught a few like A.A. Milne, Ian Fleming, Robert Louis Stevenson, Evelyn Waugh, and William Shakespeare. We stayed in the Agatha Christie Death on the Nile Suite!


The room itself was huge! At least 400 square feet and was decorated in a slightly “Egypt by way of England by way of America” sort of theme.


Cozy reading area: check!


I imagine each room has 1 or more books by it’s namesake author. If I hadn’t been so damn tired, I might have read a few chapters.


I definitely soaked my toes in the Jacuzzi tub. I sincerely wish I had one of these at home.


We kind of couldn’t resist this photo opportunity. “We’re married! Ahhhhh!”


My better half does not know that he might be responsible for creating an anniversary tradition. I want to see all of the themed rooms. It was an extravagance for us but we thoroughly enjoyed our stay!



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