2018 Sewing Plans!

I know it is already April. (How? What?). And even though I am still finishing up some things from my last year to sew list, I have been thinking about what is on the sewing horizon for 2018.

1. Cashmerette Ames Jeans

I wear black or grey pants to work almost everyday. I thought I could make a nice pair of Ames with this navy scuba faux suede. I had no idea such a fabric combo existed, but I am very excited about it!


2. Cashmerette Montrose Top

When I started sewing I was buying a lot of clearance fabric. You know, beginner’s mistake. One of the things I bought was this nice blush pink fabric. What I did not realize is that is is a sheer chiffon fabric. I have been holding on to it until I figured out what to make with it. I think it will make a nice woven Montrose top with a cami underneath.


3. Style Arc Autumn Dress

I made the Style Arc Adeline and I love it. I thought the pattern was easy to read with good instructions. I haven’t decided on a fabric, but I think it will need to be a nice flowy fabric.


4. 5 out of 4 Pajama Pants

I have made several of these. They are my VERY favorite pajama pants. Last year I bought 2 halloween fabrics from Joann’s Fabric. I did not get a chance to make these last fall. The polka dotted fabric is a knit and the dark blue fabric is a 100% cotton woven.  Both will make spooky pajama pants and I know they are a gratifying quick sew! Also, I will be throwing some holey pajamas into the rag bin!


5. Red Heart Big Comfy Sweater

I’ll fully admit I have not made much progress on this sweater. Although it is April and there is snow in the forecast, so perhaps I will be knitting this weekend! I found this beautiful Red Heart With Love Yarn in Peacock. Ugh! The color is so great! Frankly, I was looking for the easiest plus -size sweater pattern.


You know what goes great with knitting and howling, cold wind whipping around outside the house? Hot chocolate. When we were in London we stopped into a Whittard store and had some excellent tea and fantastic hot chocolate. I fell madly in love with the Rocky Road hot chocolate and it reminds me of our honeymoon! If you can get ahold of some, I highly recommend it!

Have a good weekend!


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