Altering Sandals

Most of the sewing I have done recently has been altering little things. A little hemming here, a little letting out there. You know, not super fun stuff to share with the world!

Summer has finally arrived and I realized I don’t own a pair of brown sandals. I actually don’t own many sandals at all. I saw some online that looked like they would work for casual days and work days! Of course, shopping online has the one caveat, that you cannot try on your shoes before you buy.


Eek! Too big around the ankle!

I did not spend a lot of money on these shoes. They are mostly elastic. When I got them and they were too big I thought, “too bad this isn’t a waistband, I could fix that!” Well, it’s still just elastic, right?



So I went out and bought some thread in the right color and cinched it up with a binder clip.


I did make it a little tight because over time the elastic will stretch.


Now the tricky part, to get the shoe under the presser foot!


I chose to do a decorative stitch which ends up being a little scrunched at the starting end, but oh well. (I’m not a perfectionist.)


Not too bad, eh? They fit! Sooo…I guess I can alter shoes now!


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