Textile Discount Outlet in Chicago

We recently took a little mini-vacation in Chicago. Normally on a trip we pack in the things to do from sun up to sun down, but this time we really just needed a relaxing weekend. Instead of hitting all of the sites we booked a boat tour of the river and lake, had some cocktails, took naps, and visited some of our favorite shops.


I did add one shop to our trip that I had heard of, but never visited. It’s called Textile Discount Outlet. It had really great reviews online and it was on our way out of town so I convinced my kind, patient, loving husband that 13 rooms of floor to ceiling fabrics and notions, really wouldn’t take that long to go through!


Now be warned they are not open on Saturday which worked out perfectly for us. We got there about 10 minutes early on Sunday and they opened up early to let us early birds in. As someone who worked in retail for over a decade, I always really appreciate this gesture. It is nice to savor the last 5 minutes before you have to open the doors, but your early customers always really really appreciate you noticing them standing out in the heat or cold and offering to let them pop in a little early. (99% of the time those early birds also purchase!)

But I digress! Oh my heavens was it overwhelming! We most definitely did not even make it to the upstairs rooms. I think we made it through 5 rooms before I had decided what I wanted and felt like that was plenty. This is the kind of place you should shop when you have something specific in mind. There were so many beautiful special occasion fabrics, and an ENTIRE ROOM full of notions.

20180624_101713 (1)

20180624_101609 20180624_100217




The prices were also very reasonable. I ended up with this textured navy knit and a soft teal woven and a couple of pairs of buttons. For 3 yards of each and the buttons it was $31.20180626_062342

I just picked up a couple of things I knew I could use anytime, but this would be a great place if you were looking for something really special! I will be stopping by again!

2 thoughts on “Textile Discount Outlet in Chicago

  1. Erika says:

    Fun review of this place & hope you enjoyed Chicago! I go here a lot and always have fun. I don’t think you missed much by not going upstairs… It seems like mostly extra stock of the stuff they feature downstairs.

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