My Body Model

When Erica asked me to be a tester for the My Body Model app, it felt serendipitous! She didn’t know this, but about 6 months earlier I had taped a picture of myself to a window and traced around my outline to decide on wedding dress silhouettes. It worked in a pinch, but it was nowhere near as good as the My Body Model croquis.

You put in your measurements and you get this nice croquis that you can customize with your hair, and face, if you want, and outfits. The light gray lines are nice because they disappear under the clothes once you put in some color or heavy lines.


So why even use a croquis? When I was looking for a wedding dress it seemed to me that every plus size wedding dress model had an hourglass shape (I don’t) and was at least 6 feet tall (I’m not). It made it very difficult for me to decide on a silhouette before committing one of my precious days off work to a try-on session. See? It’s like we’re twins!

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The My Body Model app also gives you several beautiful page layouts for your croquis. There is an 8 body layout which would be great for capsule wardrobe planning or packing for a long trip. My personal favorite is the 3 body layout.

I have been using the 3 body layout to visualize pattern alterations and color blocking next to the original.


There are a couple of project planning layouts where you can note the materials, size, add a swatch, and keep track of any alterations.

I used this layout for my Style Arc Autumn dress.


I didn’t end up lengthening the sleeves, but I would make the dress longer next time.


Here are a couple more sketches.



All in all I am a big fan of the My Body Model app. It has endless uses and I think if you plan to hack patterns or want to see what they look like on your body before you spend a lot of time sewing, this is going to be a game changer!

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