Style Arc Autumn

I’m getting back into the swing of sewing. Finally! I wanted to have this dress done for a work event, but they instructions really threw me so it took me quite a while to complete.

1. _43140341771_o


If you like origami, you will like the Style Arc Autumn, because it requires some folding skills! I bought this purple woven fabric ages ago, but I couldn’t tell you what it is anymore. It is sort of fuzzy like a faux suede on the outside with a sort of a shiny, smooth inside.

2. autumn-dress_43487318571_o


Let’s start with the back pleats. These are my favorite detail on the dress. The illustration in the instructions are incorrect which will add to your sewing time and you are gonna have a hell of a time if you try to use it.

3. dressback_42421375524_o


Here are my instructions and I hope they help someone. The back pattern piece is cut on a fold and give you 5 notches; A, C, Top Fold, C, A.

On the paper I drew the middle back fold as if you had cut you pattern piece on the fold with the right side up. If there are 5 notches on one side, then in total there are 10 notches; A, C, Top Fold, C, A, Middle Back, A, C, Top Fold, C, A.

4. _28600768597_o

First fold. With the fabric right side up fold the A notches on the right side and pin.

5. _28600767347_o

Second fold. Bring the Top Fold on the left side over to the Top Fold on the right side and pin.

6. _28600766297_o


This is what it looks like from the top. Then run a basting stitch along the edge to hold the pleats.

7. _43487186631_o


Since paper worked so well for the back pleats, I used them to put together the front fold too.

8. dressfront_42421374894_o

I cut out paper to look like the left front and right front pieces, wrong side up. The seams that are highlighted in yellow will be sewn together with the left front on top of the right front inside.

9. _42527855745_o


Like so.



This is what it would look like on the inside after the two seams have been sewn together.


11. _29561267248_o

The Autumn is a tiny bit shorter than I like my dresses. I did sew up the side seam about 2 inches.

12. sq1_42421368834_o


I didn’t alter that sleeves at all. I really thought they were going to be too short, but they are really perfect. If I ever make this again I think I will make it about 2 inches longer and I will only used the collar stand instead of the collar.



7 thoughts on “Style Arc Autumn

  1. idaaidasewing says:

    That’s so smart to use paper to figure out how those pleats work, will have that in mind! the dress looks fab on you and I also like the length as the proportion are perfect!

  2. Susan Abrahams says:

    I am so glad I found your instructions for the front of the Autumn dress. I had an idea but you confirmed it. Thank you so much😘🤗

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