Updating a RTW Jacket

I don’t know about your workplace, but my office is chilly even in the heat waves this summer!


Most people in my office keep a sweater, jacket, or, I kid you not, blankets at their desks! I have this lightweight jacket that looks like a knit pea coat that I got at Target for about $20 several years ago. It’s a great little jacket that I can throw in an overnight bag or hang from the back of my chair and not worry about it.

1. before2_44204938531_o


I do have one complaint about it and that is the sleeve length.  Look how short they are! I mean for $20 I am not complaining loudly, but I also bought this before I learned to sew. Now I know I can do something about it!

2. before_42397224090_o


This wool plaid is some leftover scrap that is about 10 inches long and as wide as the end of my sleeves.

3. _29268267767_o


So I just folded it in half, stitched up the side, and then folded it again, wrong sides together.


4. _44204940041_o

Here’s a photo of my helper cat.

5. _42397221360_o


The I pinned the raw edge right around the store made hem.

6. _44204935651_o


I stitched right over the original twin needle lines and then pulled out the new plaid cuff! So easy!

7. f_44204933021_o


So in all it added about 3.5″ in length so maybe my hands can stay warm now.


8. after1_42397228350_o

Also, it just adds some really nice detail to a basic black jacket!

9. _42397212960_o


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