Seamwork Osaka Skirt(s)

It’s finally fall! We are still having some warm days, but I have gotten to wear a sweater at least twice!


Last year about this time we were in Edinburgh, Scotland on our honeymoon and I had scored 2 meters (a little over 2 yards) of clearance plaid from Edinburgh Fabrics.  (The cat hair is from Ezra the kitten, not Edinburgh Fabrics.)


Black and white plaid, a classic!

I really wanted to use this classic fabric for a classic shape. I knew I would want a skirt, but I wanted something with a little extra OOMPF! I used one of my MyBodyModel 3 body drawings to sketch out the patterning for the Seamwork Osaka. The Seamwork Osaka is reversible and it has panels that are perfect for color-blocking or pattern-blocking.


MyBodyModel custom croquis

I realized pretty quickly that I would not have enough plaid wool for both the inside and outside of the reversible skirt so I went into my stash and found some leftover jewel purple, faux suede fabric.

This was the first time I really attempted pattern matching. Instead of cutting any pieces on the fold, I took tracing paper and made the pattern piece whole then I used the vellum to trace the pattern. As long as I remembered to include the seam allowance in my pattern piece matching it seemed to work!



Because the Osaka skirt had a lot of rectangular pieces that were very similar I pinned the pattern piece letter to each piece. It saved me a lot of headaches!


By chance, I picked up these black and white buttons that look pretty nice with the fabrics I chose!


I didn’t have quite enough fabric to create that bottom band, so I added a little purple band at the bottom.


And this is the other side! I turned the plaid at a 45 degree angle along the bottom.


Since this is a double-layered skirt it is very warm so it will make for a cozy fall skirt!

plaid 4x6

purple 4x6


6 thoughts on “Seamwork Osaka Skirt(s)

  1. Caitlyn says:

    Do you think you’ll wear both views equally, or do you favor one side over the other? Either way, the fit looks good and the pattern matching is on point!

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