Plus-Size Shorts Pattern Round-Up

I live in the Midwest and summer here is hot as anything and humid to boot! So shorts are required summer wear. Even in October it seems Missouri has temperatures in the 90’s. I am not a fan.

1. shortsq_45164019071_o


Now if you have ever bought shorts you know there are many issues to contend with, inseams that are too short or too long, waist bands that dip too low in the front or the back, or I have even tried on shorts that were being sold with a rip in the butt cheek. I’m not shaming anyone for wearing these. I mean, you do you, but the last thing I need is my underwear hanging out of my shorts.

b2b5f0786a5cb72dddf00d81fd3b9de8 I’ve made 3 pairs of shorts in my 2 years of sewing and I like different things about all of them.

Prefontaine Shorts for Women by Made with Moxie


2. prefontaine0_44441887374_o

These are available on Etsy and they come in women’s sizes 0-24. I made a 24 and I was pretty happy with the fit.

Overall I think these are my favorites. There are a lot of things I like about this pattern. One of them is the very detailed and helpful instructions. As a beginner I couldn’t believe that I made these and they were no headache at all!

3. prefontaine5_31290207738_o


I also love the bias tape binding. It adds a nice finish and some detail. I like the pockets. There are two on the front panels and 1 welt pocket in the back.

4. prefontaine6_31290202738_o


Next time I would like to make the inseam a touch longer and the legs a touch thinner. They are a little wide for me. I will also pick a softer fabric. I used a neutral linen that is a bit scratchy for these.

Seamwork Weston


5. westin1_43349937260_o

All of Seamwork patterns are sized up to 26. What I have found though is that their 26 pattern measurements vary a lot. There are Seamwork patterns I have made in 24 that fit me just fine and there are ones that I have made in a 24 that I have to add 5″-10″ to the waist to make fit. These are one that I had to grade up a lot. 

I’m always drawn to vintage pattern silhouettes, even though I know they will need to be altered to fit my shape. I just don’t have the hourglass figure that a lot of those pieces were designed with in mind.

6. westin3_43349936520_o


These have a zip and buttons so they were a little challenging in my first year of sewing. I think I could knock them out pretty quickly now.

7. weston2_43349925830_o


What I like most about these shorts is the inseam length and the fact that they are high-waisted. I will never wear my shirts tucked in like this, but I find them to be very comfy.

8. westin5_43349930370_o


I like the Weston shorts only a little less than the prefontaine shorts because I had to do quite a bit of altering to make them fit well enough. What I don’t love about these is the fact that there are no pockets. I think if I added them is would be layered on the front and not in the side seams.

Seamwork Nantucket


9. nantucket1_30225688937_o

These are actually the reason I became a Seamwork subscriber! I really like the side details. I finally got around to making them this year. I don’t love them, but I have worn them quite a bit since they are so comfortable.

10. nantucket2_30225687637_o

I made them in a 26 and they fit around the waist without grading up, so hurrah! Then I added 2.5″ inches to the inseam because they were just way too short for me. Also, the legs end up being way too wide in the plus size range. I actually took in the sides a little on these too.

11. nantucket3_30225686637_o


I like the drawstring with grommets around the waist, but again there are no pockets. I think I would have to do a little more work than I would like to make these work again.

So those are all the me made shorts I have. If anyone has any slam dunk, tried and true, plus-size short options I would love to hear about them!

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