Halloween Pajama Pants

Happy Halloween! Ok, the day after Halloween, aka “Candy Sale Day!” I have had a hard time finding time to sew. Pajama pants are kind the greatest because they are a quick sew, if you can find the time, and they are easy to fit! The 5 out of 4 Pajama Pants are my absolute favorites. They have pockets and they fit so well! (I actually made these a little roomy and I love them!)



Here’s a photo of Ezra the kitten “helping.” The fabric is a nice soft 4-way stretch knit from JoAnn’s Fabrics last year.


I like to add a little decorative stitch to the hem. I chose a bright green fabric to match the cute, little Frankenstein heads!


And now my Fall pajama game is leveled up! For Halloween we like to stay in, watch movies in our pajamas, and eat homemade étouffée and these pajama pants are perfect for that!



7 thoughts on “Halloween Pajama Pants

  1. PoundCake says:

    So cozy and spooky! I love Halloween fabric, but I mainly wear solids like a big snoozy snoozefest (just kidding, I love solids. But by comparison to monster mayhem, zzz). Maybe PJ pants would be the right way to integrate Halloween into my life next year!

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