Halloween Pajama Pants

Happy Halloween! Ok, the day after Halloween, aka “Candy Sale Day!” I have had a hard time finding time to sew. Pajama pants are kind the greatest because they are a quick sew, if you can find the time, and they are easy to fit! The 5 out of 4 Pajama Pants are my absolute favorites. They have pockets and they fit so well! (I actually made these a little roomy and I love them!)



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Plus-Size Shorts Pattern Round-Up

I live in the Midwest and summer here is hot as anything and humid to boot! So shorts are required summer wear. Even in October it seems Missouri has temperatures in the 90’s. I am not a fan.

1. shortsq_45164019071_o


Now if you have ever bought shorts you know there are many issues to contend with, inseams that are too short or too long, waist bands that dip too low in the front or the back, or I have even tried on shorts that were being sold with a rip in the butt cheek. I’m not shaming anyone for wearing these. I mean, you do you, but the last thing I need is my underwear hanging out of my shorts.

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Seamwork Nantucket Shorts

I have been a Seamwork subscriber for quite a while. I like a great deal of their patterns, articles, tutorials, and their inclusivity in their sizing and models. Although, I would love to see a little more consistency in their sizing.

The Nantucket shorts are actually the very first pattern that drew me to Seamwork in a Google search for plus size shorts patterns. What’s funny is that I never made them. I made half a dozen other Seamwork patterns, but never seemed to get around to the Nantucket shorts!


1. frontuntucked_44014420681_o

Well, I have finally gone and made them! I had this nice light-weight blue chambray in my stash and thought they would make some nice summer shorts.

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Upcycled Underwear

You guys, I have a problem. I keep my underwear until it basically falls apart and cannot be mended any more. They are threadbare, holey, and the elastic is not attached around most of the waist any longer. It’s a little embarrassing.

1. detail_28927862047_o


Why? Well, for one I am super thrifty. I hate to buy anything new if what I have is still usable. For instance, my husband bought me a new ebook reader for my birthday, because he hated that I was reading around a crack in my old ebook screen for years. It still worked and I couldn’t bear to get rid of something that was still 90% functional!

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