Seamwork Moji Pants

I am on a Seamwork pattern-making kick! The Moji pants are the only pants pattern offered by Seamwork, so far. I am in need of new pants for work. My work pants of choice are $60 per pair from Torrid, and I have 2 left that have seen better days. YIKES! The Moji are sort of a trendy, slouchy drawstring pant that look like they would work for casual days at work. The trick here will be to walk the fine line between slouchy and frumpy. Obviously the adorable model looks great in them but she and I couldn’t swap clothes, you know? I run 22-24 US sizes in pants.

I bought a black mystery suiting fabric on clearance from a local fabric store. It has <5% stretch, it is clearly synthetic, and it was $3 a yard. That’s really all I can tell you about it. It looked like it would make “professional” pants. This is the first time I have used my new shiny deluxe OLFA rotary wheel with a pinking disc to cut it out and it is AWESOME!

Moji 2

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Seamwork Weston Shorts:

I have to admit I have always wanted to try those vintage high-waisted shorts that have been making a comeback for the last few years. I have just always been worried that they will not be flattering. They have darts to bring in the waist, but I don’t really have much of a waist. I kind of end up making it look like I have a waist with whatever I am wearing! But when the Weston Shorts showed up on Seamwork I thought, “Why not?” Also, I can learn how to make darts, use interfacing and sew in a zipper. Plus, it’s summer and I can always use another pair of shorts!


Note: These are by far the most challenging item I have tried to sew yet. I made it twice as hard by altering the waistline to fit me and messing it up a bit. That said, this is a really long post. If you want to skip down to the end to see what they look like without all the messy altering it won’t hurt my feelings!

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Seamwork Mesa: Turning a Dress into Tee

I have had a subscription to Seamwork Magazine for a few months now but had not made any of the patterns yet! For $6 a month you can download two of their patterns. This will be my first try! I have to say I also love love love Seamwork Radio. The podcast is completely free but it is really well done and I like to listen to it while at work or sewing. So even if you don’t subscribe, yet, give that a look.

So it has been nearing 100 degrees in St. Louis lately and I needed another summery top I can wear to work. I loved the way the top of the Mesa dress looks, but I don’t like the way sheath dresses fit me. I decided to shorten it into a t-shirt to use with a lightweight clearance hatchi sweater fabric in “eggplant.” (Read: Magenta.) It has a 50% stretch so I felt pretty confident that I could alter the dress pattern and pretty easily get a shirt that fits.


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