I made my own pattern: Grey Window Pane Pants

I worked at Lane Bryant for many, many years so I have a lot of their clothes that were really made to last. Every winter they used to sell 4 or 5 colors of ponte knit pants that fit so amazingly! I am down to my last pair and I decided I would try to recreate them by making a pattern from them without taking them apart. They are a really simple shaped pant with a thick elastic waist band that doesn’t look frumpy! Sadly, they do not have pockets, but I think I can fix that!

lb ponte knits


So first I traced the pants on both sides with a front leg and a back leg.


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The Seamstress Tag

I have started to see quite a few posts with “The Seamstress Tag” created by Hollie Sews in my feed. Of course I fell down the rabbit hole of finding more people’s blogs and vlogs of the seamstress tag. I love how much sewing people love sewing! It makes me feel like my obsession is normal! (It is, right?)

Who are you? I’m Megan; lover of books, cats, dogs, art, cooking, and sewing. I live in St. Louis, Missouri with 2 step-cats who are starting to think I am OK.


When / Why did you start sewing? I have always hand-sewn. Hemming pants is a must when you are 5′ 3″ but I started sewing on a machine about 1 year ago. I have always wanted to learn to machine sew. My grandmother made all of my Mom’s clothes and my Mom never learned so it stopped there. I decided to gift myself a sewing class as an early 30th Birthday gift last year!

Favorite/Proudest make? Simplicity 1872 Cynthia Rowley’s Tiered Dress. I whipped this up in 2 weeks because I had an urgent desire to wear something me-made for engagement photos. I altered the pattern quite a bit by making it longer and adding sleeves, but it turned out rather well!


Disastrous make? Very Easy Vogue V8615 Retro Dress with pockets! I don’t think I am even going to finish this one. I don’t know that I would consider a lined dress “very easy” but I did learn how to line a dress properly! On the other hand this was just not quite made for my body shape. The neck is too high and the boat neck is too wide for me. Also, I ran out of fabric for the sleeves and ended up with petal sleeves that are OK, but not my favorite.


Favorite place for fabric shopping? Sadly, in  my area the only fabric stores are Joann’s and a quilting store. I spend most of my fabric budget at Fabric.com. They list the content of the fabric and then you get a receipt with the photo and name of the fabric. You can click on the photo to go directly to the page on the website that shows you the fiber content, even if it is sold out! I have found that so useful!

Most used pattern? So far it has been pajama pants. I know that is not the most exciting thing but I have just made several of them for friends, family and myself! They are a really fast sew and I can use all the twee fabric my little heart desires!

Most dreaded sewing task? It is a tie between cleaning up all the little threads out of my carpet after I finish something or cutting fabric. It is stressful to make sure you are cutting everything properly and I have certainly messed some things up because the fabric wasn’t lined up correctly.


Favorite sewing task? Anything where fabric is running through the machine. I love it so much! It’s so gratifying!

Favorite sewing entertainment? I like to watch or listen to something I have seen a many times so I can drift in and out of it without missing anything. I go through periods of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Gilmore Girls, Golden Girls, and re-runs of radio shows like Car Talk and Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me on NPR. I did find that on a cold day when the wind is rattling the windows a great option is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and a mug of hot tea while sewing something cozy!


Printed or PDF patterns? PDF. I LOVE watching a movie and throwing my laundry in the washer and then while I am waiting I tape together my patterns. It is very relaxing for me! I’m sorry, I know that goes against the grain, but I hate it when I rip that pattern tissue or have to try to get it back into the envelope! I also prefer the instructions that I stick in a 3-ring binder instead of road map style instructions! All around they are just easier for me to manage.

What sewing machine do you use? A refurbished Husqvarna Viking E10, also known as the Huskystar E10. It’s been pretty good to me for a starter machine!

Any other hobbies? I’m a homebody that loves to read (books and blogs) and I love to cook! Basically all the activities that are good for someone who is indoorsy and introverted!


The Retro “Boogie” Shirt

Someone posted the link to the Retro “Boogie” Shirt on Makerist in the Curvy Sewing Collective Facebook Group and it looked so flattering that I decided I had to give it a try myself! The pattern itself was only $3 US and it came together in about a day. This shirt is so cute that I am sure you will be seeing more of these from me!

For the first time in quite a while I took pictures of every step. Partially for blogging and partially so that I could look at them later when I want to make this again. The photos in the instructions were somewhat difficult to see, I believe the pattern pieces were missing some crucial notches, and some instructions were lost in translation from German to English. But if I can figure it out I am sure you can too!

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5 of 4 Patterns: Pajama Pants

It’s finally starting to feel like fall in St. Louis. It’s time for over-sized sweaters, warm drinks in big mugs, and flannel pajama pants! Pajama pants are the very first item I learned to sew with a sewing machine. The only class I ever took used Simplicity 1494 which  is not a great pattern. If you have to adjust a lounge pants pattern multiple times so it won’t fit like a circus tent, even after sizing down twice, there is a problem. I think the only review I ever saw of it was 1 star.

I mentioned in my last post that I agreed to teach a beginner sewing class next year and one of the classes will be for pajama pants. I was trying to decide what pattern to recommend for students to purchase when I stumbled across a FREE pajama pants pattern sized xxs-3xl from 5 out of 4 Patterns. I can just direct them to this page to get their own copy. I ran out and bought some stunning flannel cat fabric and whipped them up in a couple of hours. Whee!


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Organizing Fabric and PDF Patterns

A Sunday spent organizing is heavenly for me! As I have been acquiring more bits and pieces for my sewing habit I have been struggling with organizing it all. First I only had a few bits of fabric and so I just sort of stacked them on the floor. Then I started to have remnants so I tossed them into a basket on the floor. Now the basket is overflowing and there are stacks of fabric in every corner.

I just now got my books unpacked from moving in with my fiance…last year. They were in an assortment of boxes, milk crates and laundry baskets. When I finished I had these empty milk crates and I thought they would make some decent fabric storage. So I cut out a cardboard folding board made to fit inside a milk crate and got to work! (Thanks, retail clothing-folding experience!)

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