A third Simplicity 8379

Yes, that’s right! I have now made 3 of these Simplicity 8379 dresses! This is one of my favorite dresses for all seasons. In the winter I throw on black leggings with it.


The only alterations I make to the XXL are to add sleeves and add 2″ inches to the length. Easy!


I will be putting up the self-drafting sleeve tutorial later this month, so keep an eye out. Happy Sewing!


Simplicity 1872: Bahama Blue Dress

We scheduled our engagement photos for October, hoping desperately that it would be cooler in St. Louis. Then came the panic of, “Oh my god, what am I going to wear?” I’m not short of clothing, but do I have anything engagement photo worthy? I decided I should try to sew up something in two weeks, and if it didn’t work I could throw on a RTW dress instead!

One of the places we wanted to have pictures taken is at the Record Exchange in St. Louis. It is a St. Louis institution. My Dad has taken me there since I was a kid and Ian loves to get records there. I’m not much of a record collector but I am always happy to find things for Ian to take home! The store has a very distinctive look. It was formerly a public library built in the 1960’s and it is about 9,500 square feet. I’m not kidding when I say almost every square foot is jam packed with records, cds, laser discs, receivers, record players and other things!


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Simplicity 1494: Pajama Pants Round 2

As soon as I sent Ann a picture of my Simplicity 1494 MC Hammer pajama pants she asked if I could make her a pair.  I enthusiastically replied, “Sure, no problem!” She found a fabric that spoke to her, fleece with pillow-fighting monkeys, and asked if I could sew fleece. “Uh, yeah. I don’t see why not.”  Then she asked if I could add pockets and a drawstring in the elastic waistband. “Definitely” (Inner monologue: I do not know what I am doing!)

They did come together but there were some learning moments. I finally attached the pockets correctly on the third try. Learning! I learned that sewing with fleece is magical! You don’t have to finish the edges and there is a fleecy, fairy dust that needs to be cleaned off of everything when you are through. But those soft, fleecy pockets are going to be amazing come winter time! Another lesson learned the hard way; iron fleece on medium heat! There was a tiny bit of melted goo to wipe off my iron after I forgot about medium heat and just cranked it to 11. Learning!


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