Cashmerette Appleton

My Mom wanted to wear a maxi dress to my rehearsal dinner and of course she could not find one that was a true maxi. When did maxi dresses start landing at your shins when you are 5′ 4″? So I pulled together all of my maxi or “could be” maxi dress patterns and we went through them together. She chose the Cashmerette Appleton wrap dress.


We then went on a search for fabric and ended up with this double knit with beautiful red flowers on a blue background from I’m pretty excited that I overbought and now there is enough leftover for a top for me too!

I promised her there would be enough cleavage coverage, so I cut the bodice out in a 22D and graded the front crossover out to a 28.

Appleton 1

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Cashmerette Upton

Why did I take so long to buy a Cashmerette pattern? Why? The Cashmerette blog is one of the things that inspired me to to take my first (and only, so far) sewing class. Let me just say, I wish I had bought one sooner. I have future plans for the Dartmouth pattern, but for now I have completed the Upton dress in View B, with the gored skirt, for our rehearsal dinner.

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Wedding Dress into Hair Flower

A family member asked if  I would like to use some sew some pieces of an old family wedding dress into the hem of my dress for a “something old.” I don’t really subscribe to all of the things “blue” and “old” that you are supposed to have for a wedding, but I thought there might be a way to honor her request and make something beautiful from a family heirloom. 
4 - May Phoebe Hinckley-Eyssell 10-21-1914

This dress is from a family wedding in 1914. All of those family members had passed away before I was born so I don’t have any sentimental connections to it, but it’s interesting to see this family photo from a wedding that happened over 100 years ago!

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All the possibilities for a Rehearsal Dinner Dress

Warning: Wedding Post Ahead.

We are less than three months out from the wedding and since I am doing a lot of DIY it means I have not been doing a lot else.

I did find exactly what I was looking for in a clearance off the rack wedding dress, so I do not have the added stress of making my wedding dress. However, I would like to wear something me made to the rehearsal dinner. I cannot seem to make up my mind on a rehearsal dress pattern, fabric, or anything. Do I want to wear white? Do I want to wear something super fancy that I probably won’t wear again? Do I just want to be comfy? So many choices!

what do i do

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V8615 Very Easy Vogue: Emerald Pocket Dress

One of my very best and oldest friends got married on April 1st! I am so very happy for them and they are so well suited for each other. They met at a rockabilly bar and danced the night away. So it is not a surprise that their wedding is 1950’s rockabilly themed.

Us vs. Halloween Us

My dress had to be tea length, emerald green, a fitted waist with a flared skirt and it had to have a 1950’s vibe. After 3 bodice muslins, I finally got Vogue 8615 to work for me. And it has pockets!

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Fabric Shopping Suggestions?

Hi Friends,

I have big news! Ian and I have decided to honeymoon in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin. I spent a semester in Glasgow and London and I loved my time in both places. Ian has never been overseas and I am so excited to see him explore all these cities!

GSA 2006

I attended the Glasgow School of Art in 2006. I wish I had taken more pictures, alas it made me feel uncool at the time. The buildings, especially the sculpture studios, were utterly fabulous. My print-making room mate had a studio in an old children’s hospital operating theater with a huge glass ceiling.

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Simplicity 1872: Bahama Blue Dress

We scheduled our engagement photos for October, hoping desperately that it would be cooler in St. Louis. Then came the panic of, “Oh my god, what am I going to wear?” I’m not short of clothing, but do I have anything engagement photo worthy? I decided I should try to sew up something in two weeks, and if it didn’t work I could throw on a RTW dress instead!

One of the places we wanted to have pictures taken is at the Record Exchange in St. Louis. It is a St. Louis institution. My Dad has taken me there since I was a kid and Ian loves to get records there. I’m not much of a record collector but I am always happy to find things for Ian to take home! The store has a very distinctive look. It was formerly a public library built in the 1960’s and it is about 9,500 square feet. I’m not kidding when I say almost every square foot is jam packed with records, cds, laser discs, receivers, record players and other things!


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So I bought a wedding dress…

I know, I know, I was going to make my own dress. So here’s what happened…

My grandmother was in town recently and I decided to take her wedding dress shopping. Her only other granddaughter, my cousin, was married in a beautiful, quiet, minimalist, at-home wedding in a white sweater and plaid wool skirt. It completely reflects her and her husband’s way of life and I think that is beautiful and so perfect for them! But, I know my grandmother would have liked to have gone through the rigmarole of wedding dress shopping. So I made an appointment at David’s Bridal with expectations that we would just have a fun day of shopping and laughing. And we did! My ulterior motive was to try on a dress that was similar to a pattern (M7320) that I had my heart set on.

While we were wandering through the dresses I happened over to clearance and found a dress in my size with lace sleeves. SCORE! As you may know, I sorely wanted a dress with sleeves. I figured I would try it on and see if it looked like THE pattern. It did! I actually preferred the neckline and decided I would alter the neckline on the pattern to reflect this dress. The longer I was in this dress, the more I loved it.

I can’t show you a picture, since I don’t want my fiance to see it, but I can tell you I look like a bridal Morticia Addams; sexy and curvy, but in white! Morticia Addams NEVER wore a strapless dress!


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Choices, Choices, Choices for another Bridesmaid Dress

When I turned 20 my cousin told me EVERYONE I knew would be getting married. It really seemed that way for the next few years. In one year I attended 6 weddings, 2 of which were on the same day! In my later 20’s things slowed down again and my friends were split right down the middle into “married couples” and “single-ish” people. This year I turned 30 and I have 3 weddings, plus my own, to attend in the next year!

I have to say weddings in your 30’s are infinitely more fun than weddings in your 20’s. The brides and grooms have had a few years settle into who they really are and have now been to enough weddings to really decide what is important to them. (Skip the unity candle.) Honestly, 10 years ago I don’t think I would have known myself well enough to say, “No, we don’t want to toss the bouquet or the garter.” No one wants to be singled out for being single and then have the entire room shouting that they are not complete unless they are married soon. Blech!

One of my best friends and old roommates is getting married and I am honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year! Erin has definitive tastes and her wedding is definitley going to reflect that! It will be in a concert venue with 3 bands and a retro rockabilly theme. I’m bringing earplugs!

Erin 2

On to the dress!

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McCall’s M7313: Groom’s Maid Dress in Action

So I finally finished McCall’s 7313 the weekend before the wedding and I love it so much! It fits almost exactly like the empire waist dresses I love from Torrid. I have a feeling you will be seeing this pattern again and again.

As far as instructions go this is like all the big four instructions. They are really basic and don’t have all the lovely tips and tricks I have come to enjoy from some of the indie pattern makers. This dress is assembled in halves. I put together the top first and that process is detailed here. This post is just a quick overview of the skirt(s) and finally the pretty, pretty finished dress! Continue reading