Galleria Culottes: A Glorious Skirt Alternative

Hey! Another pair of black pants! I bet you are excited! No? Well, they aren’t really black pants. These are the glorious Galleria Culottes by Secondo Piano. If you have never been to her site go to it and click through everything because it is eye candy. No, really, go ahead. I’ll wait.

All done? Welcome back! The pattern is free, as it is in beta testing. The directions are definitely for advanced sewers, but that hasn’t stopped me yet! This pattern is really made for a structural fabric to create the fullest effect. I have been wanting a pair of swishy, flowy culottes so I just used the leftover fabric I had in my stash from my One Hour Top.


I’m almost embarrassed to tell you how long it took me to put these together. I put the pants together in one day. Then I decided the fabric was a little too thin for my comfort so I bought some lining and put them together again in another day. Then came time to attach the waist band. It took me about 3 weeks.

I could not attach it without it twisting or puckering!  The way the pockets are arranged all along the waistline, with facings, inter-facings, and lining made for a lot of layers. I tried a walking foot, I tried clips and pins, and I basted the waistband together where it would attach to the waist. After tearing the waistband off 3 times I finally decided to give it one more try. I attached my walking foot, released as much tension as I possibly could. then I used green thread to baste through the middle of the waistband.


I must have taken this photo before I out on the walking foot! Oops! But it worked! basting through the middle seemed to do it. It still puckered in a couple of spots but really, I am not willing to take apart the waistband for a 4th time.

They are so swishy! The go through a size 20, I graded up about 2 sizes, but I ended up fitting them and taking them in at the darts twice. They are actually size: mystery! Sorry for the bare feet. I was so excited to have these finished that I didn’t bother to run down and get shoes for the pictures. Someday!




I would recommend these if you are, A) able to break away from pattern instructions and put them together without, or B) are an advanced sewer. I was unfamiliar with some of the techniques but after a little frustration I was able to pull them off. I love them so much!


7 thoughts on “Galleria Culottes: A Glorious Skirt Alternative

  1. Sasha says:

    Hi Megan, I just did a Google search and found your post. I’m so glad you tried my pattern and I’m so sorry you had trouble inserting the waistband, maybe the fabric stretched a little bit. I always like to staystitch. I think these would look great with gold gladiator sandals and I hope you still love them :)

    • SomedaySewing says:

      Thank you so much, I love them! I just wore them again today. I definitely used a fabric that was too stretchy. I will be making more this summer with less stretchy fabric!

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