From Fenix Romper to Fenix High-Low Dress

So I tried to make a romper. The Fenix Romper.  The pattern is good, it comes together really quickly, but I just cannot see myself wearing it. It actually doesn’t look terrible while standing still, but it does scrunch in the crotch when I walk. I also felt a little like a child in it, and not in a good way, and I am not a fan of taking the whole thing off when I go the restroom. Yuck.

Fenix Square

Oh well! The good news is that this is a roomy pattern, meaning I have the opportunity to re-cut and re-fashion which is not always the case!

1 First, I unpicked the hem and crotch seam so the bottom was open. I tried it on to make sure the dress wasn’t going to be too short and put pins where I wanted to cut the legs.3.5

Then I marked a curve from the bottom of the crotch to the bottom of the side seam. I did the same for the back, then I folded it in half side seam to side seam, right sides together, and cut both front curves and both back curves at the same time.  The hem ends up being a semi circle like a smile.

Since the back hem of the skirt is longer I decided to add facings. (This was after I had ironed a tiny hem all the way around. Because, of course.)


You can’t see my tracing paper on my white desktop, but I laid tracing paper under the front half of the skirt, folded right side to right side, side seams together.


Then I added a seam allowance to each end and made a 2 inch thick facing pattern piece. I repeated the same steps for the back skirt.

4 square

So it actually turned out pretty great. The hem shape is a little unusual from the side, but I think this looks awesome from the front and back!

2 collage

I will most likely being wearing this with my favorite little yellow shrug! 17

It is a really fun shaped dress! I’m not sure I would ever make the romper again, but I would make this dress again. Have a Mai Tai for me!



13 thoughts on “From Fenix Romper to Fenix High-Low Dress

  1. Season C says:

    This is the first time I have liked the high-low hem look.It’s like a reverse mullet – office from the back, party from the front. :) Great save!

  2. Caitlyn says:

    I agree with everything said here already, and I want to add that you have a great shoe collection to match your handmade outfits! I love the honesty and the can-do attitude of your posts—keep ’em coming!

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