Seamwork Nantucket Shorts

I have been a Seamwork subscriber for quite a while. I like a great deal of their patterns, articles, tutorials, and their inclusivity in their sizing and models. Although, I would love to see a little more consistency in their sizing.

The Nantucket shorts are actually the very first pattern that drew me to Seamwork in a Google search for plus size shorts patterns. What’s funny is that I never made them. I made half a dozen other Seamwork patterns, but never seemed to get around to the Nantucket shorts!


1. frontuntucked_44014420681_o

Well, I have finally gone and made them! I had this nice light-weight blue chambray in my stash and thought they would make some nice summer shorts.

Now they required a little futzing to make them work for me. I added 2.5 inches in length. For a size 26 the original inseam is 2 and 7/8 inches which is just too short for me. I figured I could always make them shorter, but not longer.

2. 43295654054_o


The other part of the instructions that I did not follow is that the curved hem edge is supposed to be turned under 3/8 of an inch. I just found it too cumbersome and not smooth enough for my liking.

3. -first-hem_43295651524_o


So I turned it under 1/4 of an inch and then 1/4 an inch again. It was just much smoother and no clipping required.

4. -second-hem_43108175095_o


Then there are the grommets! 20 in all! I just ordered this set on Amazon for about $12. Installing grommets is actually pretty cathartic.

5. grommets_43108172065_o

6. grommet_43108169825_o



Here they are in all their glory! I ended up really liking the extra length. I did find the legs to be too wide so I brought the curved legs in a little bit.

7. finished1_43108166305_o

8. finished2_44014425641_o



Now, a lot of people wear these with their shirt tucked in. I am just not that kind of person. I don’t like the way my shirts look tucked in, but I thought I should show you how they look finished.

9. untuckedsquare_44014394241_o


This is actually how I will be wearing them! These are a relatively easy and gratifying sew, but you may have to do a little altering to make them work. But, it’s pretty easy altering.


10. tuckedsquare_43108132625_o

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