Purse/Tote Patterns

I’ve never been much of a purse carrier. In fact, most of the time I leave my purse at home and use my phone case as a wallet and then find that I wish I had my chapstick or hand lotion. I only own two purses, one in black and one in navy and the black one is starting to look worse for the wear!

my purse

My poor, well-loved purse!

I haven’t been able to find anything in stores that I like. I really want something that is two-toned. So I have been looking at purse and tote patterns that fit the bill!

Style Arc

I’m a big fan of Style Arc’s clothing patterns and they also have accessories! Both the New York Tote and the Paris Tote would lend themselves to contrasting fabrics. The New York has some nice side pockets and a phone pocket! It also looks like it has a good size bottom to sit flat on the floor.

New York tote

Style Arc New York Tote

The Paris Tote is a bit more simple, but still has that nice contrasting fabric detail and it looks like it will sit flat.

Paris Tote

Style Arc Paris Tote

Klum House

In my searches for two-toned bags I stumbled across Klum House and boy is it a treat. They have some beautiful stuff! The Fremont initially caught my eye with its beautiful canvas and waxed canvas. It’s so gorgeous!

The Fremont

Klum House Fremont Tote

They also sell kits with everything you need to make these gorgeous bags. The other one that caught my fancy is the Oberlin. This one doesn’t close with a zip. I love the look of this. Klum House really has a sophisticated palette that I am in love with!

Sew Sweetness

I’ve been to the Sew Sweetness website often for their great sewing tutorials. I highly recommend you check them out if you have not yet. They also have a huge listing of bags for anything you could ever want! The samples are all sewn in what look like quilting cottons. Not quite my style, but if you can see past that you can see that they have some really great patterns. The  Paparazzi Camera Bag is filled with little nooks and pockets for cameras, but they could be useful for many other things as well.


The Soda Pop Tote has this nice grommet detail at the bottom where you could feature a little surprise of fabric!

Soda Pop

Seamwork Patterns

And now my old favorite, Seamwork Patterns. If you follow this blog you probably know I have made quite a few Seamwork Patterns. I think their styling is great and the instructions are always well done. If you go way back in their patterns you can find this great Madrid bag. It looks taller and longer than some of the others.
Madrid 1 Madrid 2

Well, I haven’t completely decided on the pattern yet but I did buy this black pleather and canvas for whichever purse I do make. I think they will have nice contrast!



2 thoughts on “Purse/Tote Patterns

  1. Caitlyn says:

    Losing a favorite purse to wear is tough, because it seems like it’s impossible to find one with the same features. I love the patterns your picked out, and I eagerly await your progress stitching something up!

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